the podie people: April 2019

Year of Beckham (9&10 Months)

Thursday, April 25, 2019


Beck is a crawling machine! He is starting to feel like such a big boy and is always watching everything his brothers do. We started mommy and me swim lessons with a few friends and he loved the water! I am currently trying to catch up on his stats (haven't been to the dr oops!) but have been filling out his baby journal and trying to take more pictures and videos of him. The first year goes so fast and I love looking back on memories. Right now his favorite thing to do is play around in the back yard and watch dad and brothers play football and to chew on anything he can get his hands on. He is teething a lot and really grumpy but still no teeth! I can't believe he still has none it's so funny. He's starting to eat a lot more through out the day though and we finally got his old high chair out of storage. He loves to find sippy cups with water and tip them up and drink them it's so cute. He also loves to stick his tongue out and smack everyone in the face to get them to say ouch. He is definently an attention hog and we give it to him! At 9 months Beck is..
- wearing 9 month clothes
-chewing on everything
-drooling and very clingy
-crawling and getting into everything!
-wearing size 3 diapers
-started swim lessons
-not a big eater
-loves to pull his socks off
-waking up a lot at night (I suspect teeth!)
-says DA-DA!
Finally a few nights of sleeping through! I don't want to jinx it but I think we are finally getting somewhere. He has been sleeping 730pm-430am and it has been so glorious to not be up all night with him. We are headed to the beach this weekend and I can't wait to see how he reacts to the sand and his first little vacation where he can crawl around and explore. Last time we were at Cannon Beach he was just a couple months old and was in the carrier the whole time. Although he's growing like crazy and becoming much sturdier he is just barely getting his very first tooth! It's taking over a week to come up but we are very excited and proud haha. He wants to eat regular food but just can't chew anything so right now he's still mostly eating purees and breast milk. He gets into everything all over the house and can't be left alone for more than a minute before he's dumping something over, crying or crawling after you! At ten months old our Beck....
-wears size 3 diapers
-loves ritz crackers more than anything
-naps 2x a day and sleeps at night!
-loves to play with balls and dinosaurs
-pulling himself up on all furniture
-loves the water
-has 1 tooth coming through
-wearing 12month clothes
-still likes to be swaddled to fall asleep
-loves dogs
-blows kisses and makes a growling tough guy face