the podie people: November 2018

Year of Beckham (5 months)

Monday, November 26, 2018

It's my favorite time of year and it's always even that much more special with a new babe in the family. We just had our first Thanksgiving with Beck and it definently feels like our family is another person bigger. We are all loving getting to know his personality and see how much he is looking like Krew. His hair is so red and his facial expressions are already identical to big bro. We are finally starting to get a nap rhythm and he's becoming soooo chunky. The exact same thing happened with Krew and Dash when they hit 5 months and it's so funny to see him rolling side to side like a big rollie pollie bug. He is still so long but his legs have thickened up so much and we love tickling him and squishing his rolls. He is always squealing and so loud and it makes us all laugh every time. Whenever he's not sleeping he's eating, jumping in his jumper, or laying on the ground rolling around being tossed back and fourth between brothers and different toys to chew on.  At 5 months baby Beck...

- finally sleeps in the car and doesn't cry!
- squeals, laughs, and fake coughs at us all the time
- smiles and loves to grab our hair and face
- listens to us read books at night and watches big brothers play
- chews on anything he can get his hands on
- jumps in his jumper until he can't jump any longer 
- wearings 6-9 month clothes (because hes so long!)
- has had his first haircut 
- wearing size 3 diapers 
- naps 2-3x a day but still struggling to sleep through the night
- loves to be swaddled 

It feels like I am finally coming out of my newborn baby phase and getting to enjoy this new stage of milestones. I am going through his baby clothes like crazy as he grows and having a hard time keeping up! I'm secretly so grateful he was a boy because I use all big brothers clothes and hardly have to buy anything for him. Since his birthday is a week later than Dash's they have worn all the exact same clothes and it's so fun to look at pictures of them in the same clothes at the same age. I can't wait to take their pictures with Santa this year with 3 kiddos! This year has been the fastest one yet and I can't wait for his 6 month mark right after Christmas. We love you sweet boy. 

Life Lately

I'm back! I have taken a little break from blogging lately coincidentaly at the same time I felt it was time for a social media fast. I started getting burnt out and felt really over whelmed with the idea of trying to blog and keep my sanity with the kids and the busy-ness that 3 kids brings. I have always loved blogging so whenever I feel like it's a drag or not worth the energy I make sure to take a break. I always want it to be something I look forward to and enjoy doing. I also felt like I was working hard at putting out information and it wasn't being seen or received and that can be really discouraging when you care about something. I don't want this blog to a be a source of validation so it's important to check myself and make sure I remember what is MOST important in life.

With all that being said the holidays are some of my favorite times of year to blog and be creative! We just had Thanksgiving and then Beck turns 5 months old tomorrow! We head to Disneyland in the beginning of December and then there's Christmas! I love decorating and talking about holiday things and doing gift guides so I look forward to doing that in the next few weeks as well.

Also if you haven't seen or heard I started a new instagram with my girlfriend Alison. We are sharing all of our FAVORITE must have things and giving you direct links and reviews of all of them. It's called THE it LIST and you can find us here. We are working towards getting our page established and potentially will start it's own blog where everything will be saved and easily accessible. I love sharing things and this has been so fun. It's something we are working really hard on and we would love any and all support of it!

Besides that life lately has consisted of finishing up the soccer year, play dates, decorating and taking things down, enjoying the beautiful fall we have had this year, making more dinners at home, cleaning out our closets and toy bins, making cookies, looking into buying a home, online christmas shopping, target runs to get out of the house and lots of movies and laundry. I have been loving doing lashes and having a really great work/home life balance that I am so happy with. The kids just had their school conferences and we are so happy they are doing well and enjoying school and yesterday we were able to go take some family pics on a whim by my talented and dear friend Katie. I was kind of worried about how it would work out with 3 crazy boys and Beck being so little but I am so glad she convinced me to do it because it was SO worth it!She did such an amazing job I can't wait to share here.

We are talking about the possibility of moving out after the New Year and it has me feeling very emotional. As our family grows and we majorly have outgrown our space we have found a way to make it work but have come to the conclusion that it's really time we find something bigger. We are hoping to buy but might need some time to save or look elsewhere. We want to stay in Enumclaw and by our families so bad and are just having faith that we will find the right fit at the right time for our family. Thankfully we have the most amazing supportive parents on both sides that are here to help with the kids and support us through this change but it very likely will be the last holiday season we have in our little home and its bittersweet. (I'll share more when I know more!)

There have been times in my life where I have been severely depressed, lonely, sad, alone, discouraged and hurt. Every year the holidays roll around and I find myself surrounded by supporting family I can't help but feel so incredibly grateful for the stable healthy life I feel I finally have. Although we live simply I love to document this time of life and to be able to recognize how blessed I truly am to have this family, a roof over our head, and plenty of food. I hope anyone reading this who feels lonely or sad knows that they deserve good things and it will come to them. If you are going through something hard "this too shall pass." Find joy in the everyday life and you will be grateful every single day.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and know how grateful I am for you here and for your support!