the podie people: October 2018

Year of Beckham (4 months)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Our little Beckham is becoming quite the handful already! He is the sweetest happiest little guy and always wants to be awake. Even since he was born he has been a terrible napper but now he's just having a hard time sleeping in general lol. 4 month sleep regression has hit hard on a baby who already likes to take little cat naps so basically my day revolves around nursing this little guy, getting him back to sleep, and then cramming everything I need to do into 30 minute increments when he's sleeping. I've tried it all- including going off all caffeine completely, which nearly killed me and made no difference in his sleeping habits. But as most moms know it's a short time of life -so coffee, and deep breaths is getting us through..  of course he's worth it look at that sweet baby boy!
At 4 months old Beck...

-suck on his thumb and fingers
-grabs his feet and sucks on his toes!
-rolls from belly to back ( and recently back to belly!)
-wearing 6 month clothing
-wearing size 2 diapers
-loves to play in the bath
-blows bubbles and talks in the back seat
-doesn't scream in the car anymore
-up every hour every night though
-belly laughs whenever the boys play with him and loves it

His first Halloween is in just a couple days and he will probably end up wearing the cute outfit he's wearing in this post. The holiday season is so exciting with a new baby because you get to document all their firsts. It's been so fun putting him in outfits his older brothers have worn and seeing how different their bodies are at this age. He is in the 95% for his height and only 50% for weight so he is a tall skinny guy! Most of his clothes that fit his length are so big on him or the ones that fit his body are like 3-4 inches too short in the legs and arms lol. He is such a fun baby and we are so happy he is in our family. The next few months he will change so much and I can't wait to see what he looks like next month at Thanksgiving!

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I Took A 10 Day Social Media Fast

Thursday, October 18, 2018

I couldn't decide how I wanted to write this post. The last 10 days off social media have opened my eyes a lot and also surprised me. It's interesting to me how much we all admit we're on our phones too much yet most of us don't do anything about it or care too. Well I finally felt like I had enough for a while and the church I grew up going too (LDS or mormon) challenged a 10 day social media fast. It came at the perfect time and I jumped right on board because I felt it was just the kick I needed to do this.

I surprised myself. I deleted the app on my birthday 10 days ago and it was actually quite easy not to have it. I think maybe because I work part time and have 3 kids to take care of but genuinely I didn't miss it half as much as I thought I would. I think the most significant thing I missed online was that a celebrity couple broke up lol, like WOW. I even contemplated not getting it back at all. Honestly it can be such a time drainer. I was so much more productive without the constant temptation of those apps. If I was bored I got something done or thought about something I had been pushing away for a while. I didn't worry about taking photos or seeing what other people were up too and genuinely just lived in the moment. For me, instagram is kind of a creative outlet and I love taking and sharing photos so I missed the opportunity to do that but at the same time those are my memories and photos to keep anyway. I realized how much of my spare time went into scrolling and watching other people's lives and that kind of makes me sad. I never felt like I was neglecting my family or my responsibilties but I was constantly distracted by it or stressed over it for no reason. I felt like if I missed a message or a comment I was rude and if I didnt post everyday I was lazy, which is so crazy because I couldn't be busier in my life right now. Over the 10 day break I was barely even on my phone at all and that goes to show how much I was using social media before because I never went anywhere without my baby and phone in hand!

What made me sad was how little people care to remember significant dates and check in with you if they don't have social media to remind them. I found the people I am in contact with most hardly missed my absence online and those who noticed finally reached out to say hi. Some of my closest friends forgot my birthday and some family even forgot my son's. I don't hold it against them, I know it's the society we live in now but it really opened my eyes to how much better I WANT and NEED to be with my own friends and family in my life. How much time have I wasted when I could have been making cookies for a friend going through a hard time or cleaning my house when I say I never have the time. It really changed the way I looked at my day and how much I got done. When I finally sat down to relax it was because I was exhausted or intentionally taking a moment of quiet. No phone in hand no scrolling. And that felt sooooo good.

Moving forward from this I've set limits on my apps and have changed my ideas about how much I want to be online, at least for now. To be honest I've pursed blogging for so long and I think I have struggled with it because I hate the online commitment it has required of me. There's a huge pressure and I felt like I could never meet the expectation. I don't want to feel like that for a job or in my real life so I am taking a little moment to relax in this online space and post mostly for fun. I think no matter what it is in our lives that is taking too much time or energy it's always a good ting to take a break and step back to reevaluate. Social media can be used for so many good and cool things so I don't mean to say its horrible it's just over whelming. I think most of us can agree there's a heightened anxiety level amongst our generation and I think social media contributes a huge chunk to that. I love it for so many reasons but I've come to a small conclusion that I don't need it HALF as much as I thought I did in my life and that's okay for right now.

If you're feeling the same way I was I recommended deleting the apps and simplifying your life. Even for a solid week you will see such a difference and feel so much better. It's hard to make changes in our life but I think that's where there is growth and when you're done you can really feel proud that you've gained control over your life again and have given yourself what you need to feel at peace and good in your life. Thanks for everyone who stuck around to read this, I'm sure most can relate and sorry if it feels dramatic, sometimes you just gotta speak your truth!

Happy 7th Birthday Krew

I am currently taking a social media break which I will write a post about next week but I couldn't let today pass without writing about my sweet oldest son.  Yesterday was Krew's 7th birthday so I wanted to take the opportunity to write 7 things I love about him.

1. He is creative 
One thing I can always count on is Krew coming up with a good story. He loves to talk and is always telling us stories and ideas he has. Sometimes we just look at eachother in shock of the things he comes up with. The kid is hilarious!

2. He is tender hearted and still loves attention from mom and dad
He is our little softy for sure. He still loves to be hugged and cuddled and we can always count on him to ask to sleep with us or to be carried (even though hes huge now!)

3. He is helpful with his brothers 
He is definently the oldest for a reason. He set high standards for his brothers to live up too but he loves them both and is very helpful with them. He always includes Dash and loves to hold Beck and rock him or play with him when I am busy.

4. He makes friends easily and loves to include others 
Krew seems to always be the ring leader or center of attention but he is always playing with everyone and making friends where ever he goes. I love that I can count on him to always be kind.

5. He has the most unique style and is always making us laugh with his outfit choices 
I kid you not he went to school in nike sweats and a shirt and got off the bus in a 3 piece suit. This kid is hilarious with his style choices and I have finally given up and let him just be himself and where whatever. He is always so proud and loves to pick out clothes and dress up nice.

6. He loves God and going to church 
He looks forward to wearing his 3 piece suit whenever he can. He always asks to go to church and always talks about how God loves everyone and often says prayers that God will make me pregnant again HAHA! I love how sweet he is and how much pride he takes in going to church and looking nice.

7. He is very athletic and talented like his daddy
Dylan and I have both never really played soccer but Krew has just picked it up like a natural. We are so proud of him in his first year of playing and love watching how hard he works and how much he enjoys it. It makes us so proud to see him active and playing on a team and how talented he is already.

Krew is the glue that made us a family and changed all of our lives. He came at a hard time but ultimately changed me forever and was the best thing to happen to me. Im so proud to be his mom and to have the opportunity to raise him. He is my first born and so special to me!

Behind the Blogging

Monday, October 8, 2018

I have struggled with how to write this post for a really long time but I just figured it's best to just say what you're feeling and get it out there. How ever this is received I hope that my blogger friends know I love and support them as well and that this is only my personal experience with being online!

So lately I have been getting comments that have made me feel like I am some kind of hot shot blogger which I AM NOT. I have had girls say my life looks so perfect or the dreaded, "what does your husband do" question. Let's just clear the air lol. We are not rich and my husband has a very regular physical labor job here in Washington that pays our bills and not much more! We have learned to live on a very tight budget and I have adapted to making things work on very little, and sometimes I actually prefer it that way! We have struggled over the past few years of building our family and finances but it has also taught me so much about what we want in life, what matters most to us, and what we can do without. I am actually a bit of a minimalist and we live in a small little house. I pride myself on being simple, always finding things on sale, and not needing the latest and greatest everything which I think is rare in the "influencer" community. I try to be respectful of everyones views and budgets when I share things and I think it's important for you to know that. Although I share where I buy things I genuinely am considerate of price and what I think you girls might like as well. That being said, if someone buys something from a link I share I get a little kick back and it makes me so happy that someone liked something I did as much. Truly! And let's be real I make close to nothing so this is all for fun. That is my reality when it comes to blogging.  A tiny bit of money here and there but mostly just fun and a way to be creative after kids go to bed!

I think there's a fine line between being real and sharing too much. My husband is very private so as much as I am an open book and could tell anyone details about our life and family I try to be respectful of my husband and his feelings. Blogging has always just been a side hobby for me which I love to do but I also recognize how important it is to ME to see the real side of the people I follow online and how they really are able to afford things and do as much as I do. Let's be real, no ones life is that perfect from what you see online and it takes a lot of hard work to set things up and to create the beautiful content that these women do and I love the inspo! It's so important to keep in mind that these women are working and doing their best to represent brands and also to provide for their families. So in short, yes these women are being paid and getting sent clothes but they're also working hard and no one said you couldn't do it too! lol. I think there are some instagrammers out there that just share where to buy things and the latest trends and I love them for those reasons but I also appreciate people who share more of their life and give us a glimpse of reality behind instagram. I'm not sure where I fall but I always want to be represented in an honest way and tell you girls how it really is for our family without crossing the lines of privacy. Can we agree sometimes things are TMI?

I want you to know that "instagrammers" struggle too and compare themselves on the daily. It's such a contraditcting thing to be looking at beautiful photos online, trying to be yourself, trying to be confident but then being sold products and clothes like what you have isn't enough. I want you to know that what you have IS ENOUGH. It's okay to buy something off of a recommendation online and it's also okay to get off the app, spend time loving yourself and reminding yourself you don't need anything other than what makes you happy. It's a balance such as everything in life these days but for some reason sometimes we just need to be told this and reminded. Sometimes instagram has given me the tips to save money or the just the pillow I have been looking for! And sometimes it's driven me to a dark hole of comparison and feeling like I will never have or be enough and wondering how these women have all they do. Don't fall for it and don't let yourself miss out on this community either.

With all that being said I shared today on my instagram I am going to be doing a little social media fast. For 10 days I'm getting offline and trying to get back to not being distracted, feeling less than, and trying to keep up with everything. I have been thinking about doing this the last month but after the leaders in the church I grew up going to challenged the women of the church to do it, I knew it was the right time and I would hold myself accountable. I know it doesnt seem like long but for someone who is online every single day and uses it as my hobby it's going to be a challenge for me to stay off. If you feel like doing the same, please do and reach out and tell me about it! I need all the support I can get. I'm really hoping to be less distracted and to get back to what fills my soul. Being with my kids but also gaining clarity and using my spare time to read, be with my husband and get back to some real life hobbies. I should note that I am not depressed or feeling bad about myself lol. I genuinely just need a little break and I think it's the best thing to do what you feel called to do.
Thank you all for following along on social media and my blog it means more to me than you know! See you in 10 ;)

Fall Decor Inspo

Monday, October 1, 2018

I love fall inspo so today I rounded up a few of my favorite images on pinterest and some links to the cutest fall decor! I recently shared my checkered pillow cases from Amazon and so many of you were interested so I thought I'd share more inspo. I love getting creative and doing things on a budget so if you have tips send them my way! We like to collect plastic pumpkins to reuse around the house every year but nothing beats going to a local store or farm to pick up some real pumpkins and mums. We have a tiny little porch but it's still so fun to dress It up and get a few things to really make it feel like fall. Check out the links to some of these fun decor items!