the podie people: Year of Beckham (3 Months)

Year of Beckham (3 Months)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Our little Beck is showing so much personality! He is smiling and laughing at us and the boys almost all day and has become so observant. Many people have made the comment he seems like he is always startled and really aware and it's so funny he totally does. He rarely naps during the day unless I'm holding him or I have him swaddled for his one nap at home during the day. My older two boys would always nap on the go and in the car so that has been a big adjustment for me because Beck still hates the car and always wants to be held or laying on the couch watching his brothers play. I don't mind though I love every minute with him! At 3 months baby Beckham...

- sticks his tongue out
- smiles and coos all day
- laughs when tickled and talked too
- cries whenever he's in the carseat or the car
- is my skinniest baby so far! I am trying to nurse him more often to thicken him up!
- attempts to roll from his back to belly!
- loves when we prop him up and tries to sit up by himself
- wearing 3-6 month clothes
- holdin on to that reddish brown hair!

I have really slacked writing in his baby journal so I am really grateful for all the pictures and videos we take of him and the monthly blog posts I have done for him. I am tired and busy but honestly the happiest in my life having these boys of mine. Every morning Krew and Dash fight over who gets to carry Beck out to the couch and it used to drive me crazy but now I am just so grateful and happy to watch them be brothers and be so proud of him.  We can't wait to dress him up for Halloween and get to celebrate his first holiday season!