the podie people: How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

Monday, September 10, 2018

A lot of people have the idea that blogging is too saturated and now it's too late to get going. I disagree. I think that when you're good at something or passionate it doesnt matter if you're the first or the last you should share it and you will find your own success. The best thing about this time is that we have the internet and social media and anyone can create a blog or business out of nowhere. If you have a creative bone and the internet you can create great content and get it out to people so don't feel intimidated and just START!

First thing is to find a host site. There are so many out there it's really up to you which one you want to choose. Most are free but if you want to own your site you have to buy it which in my opinion is worth it. This usually costs about $10 a month or you can pay for the year up front which is what I did. I have used sites like SQUARE SPACE and WORDPRESS but ultimately went back to BLOGGER. It's so easy to start a page you just create an account choose a layout and start creating content and adding your own touch.

Most people don't know html coding. You CAN teach yourself but it takes so much time so I decided to pay someone on etsy for my blog design You can even pay them to install it for you too but mine came with instructions and I put it into my site myself. (This is easier than it sounds trust me. Also Etsy sellers are usually really helpful if you just email them. Make sure you buy a layout that is compatible with the site you are using! If you use blogger, search for a blogger blog design) It makes it so much easier to have someone do the fine tuning for you! I think I paid $30-$50 for my site design which is soooo affordable. I know most big bloggers will pay for someone to create a customized site from scratch that can cost upwards of $500. (Don't worry about doing that, start simple!) Do a little research and decide what you want to do but for starting out I would say go simple and affordable while you get going.

Create pages through your template that tell who you are and how to contact you. It's important that your site be easy to navigate and anyone visiting your site will know who you are and what you're about. Photos are key on any blog. It's super important to have visual images to go along with your posts. I recommend a very minimum of 1 photo per blog post and to post every week and work your way up to posting more often after that. (Multiple times a week if you'd like to make a job out of it)

Pick a niche or topic that you primarily find yourself wanting to talk about or know that you have a lot of experience in and focus on that. If you love what you are writing and talking about it will show and your readers will enjoy your posts more. If your blog is just for family things and life updates, GREAT! Post as often as you want! Still include those photos though, that's what really makes a memory stand out and fun to read your blog.

Don't compare yourself or worry about what anyone else is doing. This is the hardest part of blogging but it's so important to stay true to yourself and to just put out YOUR own best work. You will always get better and learn along the way so just begin and continue to learn. As soon as you begin you will start to get new ideas and they will evolve so just start and put all your focus into what YOU are doing. It's okay to be inspired, create a mood board! But never try to recreate other people's look. You'll just never be happy with your work so find what works best for you.

Before sharing your blog I recommend having at least 5 posts up for people to look at. You want to have a few things up to keep peoples interest and to have some things for them to look at it. Make sure your first post is introducing yourself and what your blog will be about. Sharing your posts over social media is the only way to get exposure so share share share. You might feel like you're over doing it but trust me you're not. The more you share your content and promote yourself the more successful you'll be. No one is going to advocate for you so you have to be your own best advertisement!

Once you get going you can start reaching out to brands and signing up for campaign sites that will offer you sponsored posts. I am just starting at this so I plan to do another blog post later on when I get some experience and learn more about the making money side of blogging which anyone can do as well!