the podie people: Hair Products + Best Tips

Hair Products + Best Tips

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Many of you girls already know, but I am a licensed cosmetologist so I love all things hair and beauty. I wouldn't say I am a product junkie but I definently like to try new things and over the years have found a few things that work great and get the job done. I am more of a blonde expert (being blonde all my life) so I know all about maintaining healthy hair and things that work. Personally I am pretty naturally blonde so I usually only get my hair foiled a few times a year. I switch back and fourth between full foils and partials but mostly partials. My ends are pretty solid blonde so if you're looking for a look like this it will either take a lot of foils over time or you stylist should tease out and blonde your ends in between your foils. I used to never get toners but after I went red a few years ago I had to in order to get my achieved blonde tone. My mom usually does my hair but I also have a few girlfriends who do it for me locally too. I'm not picky!

Here's a few tips I have for healthy gorgeous hair!

Dry Shampoo is your friend. And not just for dirty hair days! It gives such great volume and texture without making the hair too gritty. I love to use it after I curl my hair to really fluff up my curls. Make sure you're focusing on your roots and really sectioning the hair to get it to the scalp.

Less is more! Only use 2-4 products when styling. 1 or 2 when wet and then 1 or 2 or dry. I recommend using serum on wet ends or a root booster and then when dry using a finishing spray or cream to smooth ends or separate curls. Over using product will ruin all the hard work you've put in.

Get regular trims! I believe your hair grows differently for everyone but taking vitamins and regular trims will really keep your hair feeling fuller, thicker, and over all healthier. Don't skip them!

Use a deep conditioner once a month. But don't think this fixes damage. The only way to fix damage is to cut it off. Olaplex step 3 really helps though. I recommend all blondes have this in their bathroom to use inbetween services.

Toners don't fix hair. If you want white hair but your hair can't lift that high a toner isn't going to make it bright blonde. Be patient and lift slowly. Toners are just to add a little brightness or tone out unwanted pigments but they fade over time and are more of a gloss and quick fix so don't think that the same toner another girl uses is the one for you. It depends on the level and tone your hair is already at.

Don't use the highest heat your curling iron or straightner has. Especially if you have blonde or fine hair.  A lower heat will do the job and create less heat damage. I try to only curl my hair a couple times a week. Try switching up your style so you're not drying and curling your hair everyday to help prevent damage and give your hair the natural oils it needs to not dry out.

Use what your stylist recommends! I sometimes use store bought products too but the professional stuff really does work better and is worth your investment. You don't need alot of products but a few professional ones will really up your game and make your hair standout.

Try leaving your ends out for a more relaxed look. I can't tell you the number of girls who have asked how I curl my hair but I promise it really is so simple! I use 1 1/4 curling iron and leave 1-2 inches out at the end of my iron so all the curl and body is through the middle of my hair. Curling from the bottom makes the top lay flat and heavy. Curl higher up and leave the ends out! Toss your hair with some dry shampoo or texture spray to give it some life after curling and bam! So easy.