the podie people: Year of Beckham (2 months)

Year of Beckham (2 months)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TWO months old and already stealing the hearts of every grandma we encounter while out and about. Everyone just laughs and gushes about how fun and full his hair is! It's turning so red and it's hilarious because we never expected we'd have one red head kid let alone TWO! Beck is turning out to be such a mamas boy which I don't mind one bit. I'm obsessed with him and even get him to laugh now with my ridiculous mom voice and tickling. Big brothers are obsessed with him still and I can't say how happy it makes my heart that Dash is so soft and gentle with him. I have a feeling they're going to be good buddies. At 2 months old our Becks is...

-taking his first breast milk bottles while mama does lashes
-wearing size 2 diapers
-transitioning into size 3 month clothes
-obsessed with his swing and sleeps best in it
-still sleepin with mom and dad and only nursing 1-2 times
-smiling and finally LAUGHING!
-hating the carseat all the sudden
-been on 2 vacations and traveled through 4 states
-loves the water and taking baths with big brothers
-workin on tummy time

Beck is my little sidekick throughout the day. It's actually beginning to be a little harder to juggle 3 kiddos now that Beck is awake and needing me more throughout the day but we're transitioning and getting more of a routine down as far as naps and playtime. I can't help but wonder what his personality will be like and which brother he will play and get along with best. I am loving to see how the boys interact with him and how he lays on the floor and watches them play. He looks so much like both of them to me (more like Krew) but I love their differences. It's been so fun to pull out the older boys' baby clothes and get to put him in it and remember the boys wearing the exact same outfit. This weekend he will go to his first football game which is a big milestone in the Podolak house. We adore our littlest podiebro!