the podie people: What's in my Diaper Bag

What's in my Diaper Bag

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a no brainer that with a new babe and a potty training toddler I don't leave the house without some sort of packed diaper bag! I have carried sooo many over the years and always love switching it up with what I am using. As a new mom of 3.. I have to say my diaper bag must have back pack straps in order for me to have free hands. I'm currently using one by Miss Fong which I ordered off Amazon and I love it. It also has stroller straps so I can attach it to my stroller handle when we are out and about and don't have to mess with carrying it! 

Every mama has her own preferences and favorite things so this may be more simple than other moms. I am more of a minimalist and I like to pack light! In my 7 years of mothering and changing butts I've just discovered less is more sometimes and there's no need to bring the whole house for an outing. That being said... here's the things I ALWAYS have with me! I'm always open to new ideas and options so please share them with me if you have any! I 100% for learning new tips and sharing them with other mama friends. 

1. Obviously, diapers and wipes. I am loving the Pampers PURE this go around. I have tried every kind of diaper (including cloth) and so far these are my favorite. Especially because they are free from chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens and latex.

2. Can't leave the house without a change of clothes these days. For some reason he is almost guaranteed to have a blowout in the car seat and I don't know why lol. I always bring a comfortable easy outfit or some zipper jammies to change him into.

3. BINKIES all my kids are binkie babies and I kind of force it on them early on. It's just so nice to have a baby that can self soothe in their carseat or fall asleep on their own when they like a binky. I know alot of babies don't like them but I just try a few different kinds in the beginning to see what they like. I recently switched from the the little animal one pictured above to MAM They have a thicker and wider nipple and are curved to hug their mouth so they don't fall out as easily

4.I always have a burp cloth on hand. The cheapest and best are white cloth diaper inserts but I also use my Aden + Anais bibs. They are suuuuper soft and really big so I put one on him when he nurses and throw it over my shoulder to burp him. My other favorites are these ones.

5. Beckham is a swaddle baby. Whenever he gets too tired or fussy I just swaddle him tight and lay him down and he usually goes right to sleep. I got THIS ONE sent to me from Barna+Co and I am so obsessed I want to order another one. Best I've ever used and the material is incredibly soft and stretchy it's like a butter soft t-shirt. Also love using these ADEN + ANAIS ones in the summer for multiple uses.

6. I make sure to always have a pair of socks incase baby's feet get cold and some baby nail clippers. You'd be surprised how often that comes in handy! I've used it quite a few times and even on myself haha

7. I never have a problem with diaper rash but if I do I use "BOTTOM BUTTER" I try to use as little products as possible on my new babies' sensitive skin but this does a great job at protecting a rash once they already have one. Oil based ones made it worse in my opinion.


1. Can't leave the house without my portable charger. It charges my phone up to like 5 times and is a life saver these days. Between me using it on the go, forgetting to charge it at home, and the kids stealing it for youtube it seems like I am always low on battery. This is so convenient!

2. I have to admit I get scary hangry without food. I always pack a protein bar and some apple sauces pouches when we are walking out the door and 9/10 times they get used before we can make it back home. Plus they don't go bad and I don't have to pack sandwiches or something time consuming.

3.  I try to have some cash stored in my diaper bag for emergencies, AKA coffee lol.

4. I forget to put on deodorant almost every morning so I just keep it in my diaper bag now. It's actually so nice to have on the go, especially this summer!

5. Sunglasses are so practical this summer but they also help hide my tired eyes and no makeup face half the time. It just makes you look and feel put together. Plus I spend a good amount of time driving and at the park with the kids. THESE are my faaaavorite pair.

6. Sunscreen! I have powdered and lotion and our family has to have it when we go outside. We are all really fair skinned so I dont leave without it in the summer time.