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Life Lately

Friday, August 17, 2018

Getting ready for back to school!! Krew will be in 1st grade and Dash is starting his first year of preschool. I’m so so excited for them but will miss them terribly while they’re gone. I can not wait to take their first day pictures and to see their sweet faces when I get to pick them up and hear about their day and new friends. I dreaded Krew starting school last year but we had a great year and we’re excited for this one to start. I'm a huge fan of Fall and although it will be tough to say bye to summer the fall time brings so much excitement and festiveness! I am already thinking up what the boys might be for Halloween, how we will decorate, what I'll be wearing, taking cute pics of the kids at the pumpkin patch and date nights with friends since it's been much too long since Dyl and I got out together.

I started my eyelash extension business! I am still new so I am offering a really discounted price as I build my clientel and get established. I have loved doing it and have been really proud of my work so far and can't wait to get a solid schedule and routine. Being available to my kids has always been my number 1 prioirty but I lOVE that my beauty profession enables me to have a flexible schedule and work part time. I have missed doing hair which became such a hard thing to balance in my life so doing lashes feels like the perfect transition back into the industry. If you are interested please feel free to email me or book online through my website!

What we’re eating: bbq almost every night. Except this week we broke the habit and got serious about eating the food in our fridge and cooking. Almost got sucked into a traeger this year... maybe next summer!! Also posted this recipe last week.

What we’re doing: spending the days at the park, sleeping in, swimming, splash pads, late naps, grandparents house, learning to ride bikes, going for night walks, mother son dates, leaving the house to buy caffeinated drinks, waiting for Dad to get home and save mom every night.

What we’re listening to: Kacey Musgraves! Love her. I bought Dylan and I tickets to see her in February when she comes

Wearing: these tops. Every single day. Also distressed jeans, sandals, and shorts because it’s hot as hell these days.

Looking forward to: our last vacation of Summer! Tagging along to Portland and then over to Cannon Beach, OR for a little weekend getaway with Dylan's parents. The last few years we've ended the summer with this trip and it's the perfect goodbye to summer. We love the cute little town and how soft and clean the beach is. The boys get to just run a muck and I let myself enjoy a few glasses of wine. It's so crazy we will be there with 3 kids this year!

Reading: this book on vaccines the right way. Every parent should read

Watching: I’ve finished all my Netflix shows and I’m totally pouting about it. Looking forward to starting something new!

Buying: Boots and sweaters for Fall! You can't tell me you're not excited to wear something other than a t-shirt and shorts lol. I'm so excited about the sock boot trend. I think it's so flattering and easy to wear with anything. Also how awesome is it that mom jeans are in style? So grateful because this mama is not about low rise anything anymore.