the podie people: 2 minute Mom Makeup

2 minute Mom Makeup

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being a Stay at home mom means I virtually have zero time to myself at all and no excuse to get ready in the mornings. It helps me feel so much more productive and fresh when I get a chance to put a little makeup on so I try to at least make it happen a few days a week. Some mornings I will get up before the kids and throw myself together so I feel ready by the time they wake up and not resentful that I have no chance to get ready. But other days are just a shit show morning as you all probably can relate too and I have to quickly throw my hair up and some clothes on before we're out the door. This summer I have put together a SUPER QUICK 2 minute makeup routine I can even do in the car or on the way out the door really quickly. I will say self tanner has been my life saver and makes me look so much more rested and healthy so I swear by that but here is what I use when I only have minutes to look presentable...

1. I have been loving It Cosmetics CC cream this summer. It has SPF 50 and I haven't had any redness at all. Sunscreen is a must in our family and if it's in my makeup I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Plus it has great coverage and is super healthy looking on the skin

2. Bye Bye Undereye concealer is my new favorite go to after a night of no sleep. I swear this stuff is magic and hides my purple bags under my eyes. Careful though, it's thick and brightening and a tiny bit goes a very long way! 

3. I have fairly thick eyebrows so I like to brush them with some clear brow gel. When I'm in a hurry I just don't have time to shape and pencil them in

4. I have tiny eyelashes so I am obsessed with lash extensions but I'm taking a long break from using them and the maitenance of it so I just throw on a little mascara to make me look human. I started using this Maybelline one because a beauty blogger recommended it and I really like it!

5. I keep a waterproof lipliner in my car and don't feel complete without it. It stays so good and really completes my look. I can't fuss with lipgloss these days because it just gets in my hair or food and let's be honest I am busy kissing a new baby CONSTANTLY all day so this works great for me and makes me feel a little more glamorous. It acts as a matte lipstick. 

(optional)6. I can't put makeup on without a tinge of bronzer or blush patted on my cheeks. It just adds life and color to the face and makes you look so fresh. I love the baked blushes from NYX because they have a shimmer to them and really illuminate the skin 

It Cosmetics CC Cream Foundation

It Cosmetics bye bye undereye Concealer

Maybelline Rocket Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

NYX Waterproof Lipliner