the podie people: August 2018


Friday, August 31, 2018

There are SOOOO MANY cute things on sale right now I had the hardest time narrowing down some for you guys but I did it! All of these sights are having major sales through the weekend so if there's something you've been wanting for a while grab it now! These are some of the best sales of the year because they're clearing out for fall. I know I personally will be grabbing a few fall staples!

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Year of Beckham (2 months)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TWO months old and already stealing the hearts of every grandma we encounter while out and about. Everyone just laughs and gushes about how fun and full his hair is! It's turning so red and it's hilarious because we never expected we'd have one red head kid let alone TWO! Beck is turning out to be such a mamas boy which I don't mind one bit. I'm obsessed with him and even get him to laugh now with my ridiculous mom voice and tickling. Big brothers are obsessed with him still and I can't say how happy it makes my heart that Dash is so soft and gentle with him. I have a feeling they're going to be good buddies. At 2 months old our Becks is...

-taking his first breast milk bottles while mama does lashes
-wearing size 2 diapers
-transitioning into size 3 month clothes
-obsessed with his swing and sleeps best in it
-still sleepin with mom and dad and only nursing 1-2 times
-smiling and finally LAUGHING!
-hating the carseat all the sudden
-been on 2 vacations and traveled through 4 states
-loves the water and taking baths with big brothers
-workin on tummy time

Beck is my little sidekick throughout the day. It's actually beginning to be a little harder to juggle 3 kiddos now that Beck is awake and needing me more throughout the day but we're transitioning and getting more of a routine down as far as naps and playtime. I can't help but wonder what his personality will be like and which brother he will play and get along with best. I am loving to see how the boys interact with him and how he lays on the floor and watches them play. He looks so much like both of them to me (more like Krew) but I love their differences. It's been so fun to pull out the older boys' baby clothes and get to put him in it and remember the boys wearing the exact same outfit. This weekend he will go to his first football game which is a big milestone in the Podolak house. We adore our littlest podiebro!

Life Lately

Friday, August 17, 2018

Getting ready for back to school!! Krew will be in 1st grade and Dash is starting his first year of preschool. I’m so so excited for them but will miss them terribly while they’re gone. I can not wait to take their first day pictures and to see their sweet faces when I get to pick them up and hear about their day and new friends. I dreaded Krew starting school last year but we had a great year and we’re excited for this one to start. I'm a huge fan of Fall and although it will be tough to say bye to summer the fall time brings so much excitement and festiveness! I am already thinking up what the boys might be for Halloween, how we will decorate, what I'll be wearing, taking cute pics of the kids at the pumpkin patch and date nights with friends since it's been much too long since Dyl and I got out together.

I started my eyelash extension business! I am still new so I am offering a really discounted price as I build my clientel and get established. I have loved doing it and have been really proud of my work so far and can't wait to get a solid schedule and routine. Being available to my kids has always been my number 1 prioirty but I lOVE that my beauty profession enables me to have a flexible schedule and work part time. I have missed doing hair which became such a hard thing to balance in my life so doing lashes feels like the perfect transition back into the industry. If you are interested please feel free to email me or book online through my website!

What we’re eating: bbq almost every night. Except this week we broke the habit and got serious about eating the food in our fridge and cooking. Almost got sucked into a traeger this year... maybe next summer!! Also posted this recipe last week.

What we’re doing: spending the days at the park, sleeping in, swimming, splash pads, late naps, grandparents house, learning to ride bikes, going for night walks, mother son dates, leaving the house to buy caffeinated drinks, waiting for Dad to get home and save mom every night.

What we’re listening to: Kacey Musgraves! Love her. I bought Dylan and I tickets to see her in February when she comes

Wearing: these tops. Every single day. Also distressed jeans, sandals, and shorts because it’s hot as hell these days.

Looking forward to: our last vacation of Summer! Tagging along to Portland and then over to Cannon Beach, OR for a little weekend getaway with Dylan's parents. The last few years we've ended the summer with this trip and it's the perfect goodbye to summer. We love the cute little town and how soft and clean the beach is. The boys get to just run a muck and I let myself enjoy a few glasses of wine. It's so crazy we will be there with 3 kids this year!

Reading: this book on vaccines the right way. Every parent should read

Watching: I’ve finished all my Netflix shows and I’m totally pouting about it. Looking forward to starting something new!

Buying: Boots and sweaters for Fall! You can't tell me you're not excited to wear something other than a t-shirt and shorts lol. I'm so excited about the sock boot trend. I think it's so flattering and easy to wear with anything. Also how awesome is it that mom jeans are in style? So grateful because this mama is not about low rise anything anymore.

What's in my Diaper Bag

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a no brainer that with a new babe and a potty training toddler I don't leave the house without some sort of packed diaper bag! I have carried sooo many over the years and always love switching it up with what I am using. As a new mom of 3.. I have to say my diaper bag must have back pack straps in order for me to have free hands. I'm currently using one by Miss Fong which I ordered off Amazon and I love it. It also has stroller straps so I can attach it to my stroller handle when we are out and about and don't have to mess with carrying it! 

Every mama has her own preferences and favorite things so this may be more simple than other moms. I am more of a minimalist and I like to pack light! In my 7 years of mothering and changing butts I've just discovered less is more sometimes and there's no need to bring the whole house for an outing. That being said... here's the things I ALWAYS have with me! I'm always open to new ideas and options so please share them with me if you have any! I 100% for learning new tips and sharing them with other mama friends. 

1. Obviously, diapers and wipes. I am loving the Pampers PURE this go around. I have tried every kind of diaper (including cloth) and so far these are my favorite. Especially because they are free from chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens and latex.

2. Can't leave the house without a change of clothes these days. For some reason he is almost guaranteed to have a blowout in the car seat and I don't know why lol. I always bring a comfortable easy outfit or some zipper jammies to change him into.

3. BINKIES all my kids are binkie babies and I kind of force it on them early on. It's just so nice to have a baby that can self soothe in their carseat or fall asleep on their own when they like a binky. I know alot of babies don't like them but I just try a few different kinds in the beginning to see what they like. I recently switched from the the little animal one pictured above to MAM They have a thicker and wider nipple and are curved to hug their mouth so they don't fall out as easily

4.I always have a burp cloth on hand. The cheapest and best are white cloth diaper inserts but I also use my Aden + Anais bibs. They are suuuuper soft and really big so I put one on him when he nurses and throw it over my shoulder to burp him. My other favorites are these ones.

5. Beckham is a swaddle baby. Whenever he gets too tired or fussy I just swaddle him tight and lay him down and he usually goes right to sleep. I got THIS ONE sent to me from Barna+Co and I am so obsessed I want to order another one. Best I've ever used and the material is incredibly soft and stretchy it's like a butter soft t-shirt. Also love using these ADEN + ANAIS ones in the summer for multiple uses.

6. I make sure to always have a pair of socks incase baby's feet get cold and some baby nail clippers. You'd be surprised how often that comes in handy! I've used it quite a few times and even on myself haha

7. I never have a problem with diaper rash but if I do I use "BOTTOM BUTTER" I try to use as little products as possible on my new babies' sensitive skin but this does a great job at protecting a rash once they already have one. Oil based ones made it worse in my opinion.


1. Can't leave the house without my portable charger. It charges my phone up to like 5 times and is a life saver these days. Between me using it on the go, forgetting to charge it at home, and the kids stealing it for youtube it seems like I am always low on battery. This is so convenient!

2. I have to admit I get scary hangry without food. I always pack a protein bar and some apple sauces pouches when we are walking out the door and 9/10 times they get used before we can make it back home. Plus they don't go bad and I don't have to pack sandwiches or something time consuming.

3.  I try to have some cash stored in my diaper bag for emergencies, AKA coffee lol.

4. I forget to put on deodorant almost every morning so I just keep it in my diaper bag now. It's actually so nice to have on the go, especially this summer!

5. Sunglasses are so practical this summer but they also help hide my tired eyes and no makeup face half the time. It just makes you look and feel put together. Plus I spend a good amount of time driving and at the park with the kids. THESE are my faaaavorite pair.

6. Sunscreen! I have powdered and lotion and our family has to have it when we go outside. We are all really fair skinned so I dont leave without it in the summer time.

Summer Recipe: Cilantro Lime Rice w/ Salmon

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Okay so I'll be honest. We don't cook much in the summer and we pretty much avoid using the oven in the summer evenings because it's just too hot. But after a few weeks (ahem months?) of BBQ I decided to switch it up and try something new! We had this short grain organic rice from Costco and my parents always have a freezer full of Alaskan Salmon so I decided to whip up something different. WE LOVED IT! It was so so easy. I cooked the rice in the rice cooker and Dylan took the zuccini and salmon out to the barbecue so no oven was needed and dinner was done in basically 15 minutes once the rice was done.

2 cups of rice 
1 bunch of fresh chopped Cilantro
2 LARGE limes
2 Tbs Butter
Pink Himalayan Salt


Once the rice had finished cooking I just opened the lid and combined the ingredients straight into the bowl. First I added 2 tablespoons of butter and mixed it into the rice. I finely chopped 1 bunch of cilantro and squeezed 2 large limes over the rice and mixed that all together. Finally I added Pink Himalayan Salt and Garlic to taste and BAM! Amazing, zesty, and fresh cilantro lime rice.

For the salmon we kept it simple with fresh lemon and butter wrapped in foil and then cooked on the bqq. I love that it was healthy, easy to cook, and a nice change from pizza and burgers this summer.

2 minute Mom Makeup

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Being a Stay at home mom means I virtually have zero time to myself at all and no excuse to get ready in the mornings. It helps me feel so much more productive and fresh when I get a chance to put a little makeup on so I try to at least make it happen a few days a week. Some mornings I will get up before the kids and throw myself together so I feel ready by the time they wake up and not resentful that I have no chance to get ready. But other days are just a shit show morning as you all probably can relate too and I have to quickly throw my hair up and some clothes on before we're out the door. This summer I have put together a SUPER QUICK 2 minute makeup routine I can even do in the car or on the way out the door really quickly. I will say self tanner has been my life saver and makes me look so much more rested and healthy so I swear by that but here is what I use when I only have minutes to look presentable...

1. I have been loving It Cosmetics CC cream this summer. It has SPF 50 and I haven't had any redness at all. Sunscreen is a must in our family and if it's in my makeup I feel like I've hit the jackpot. Plus it has great coverage and is super healthy looking on the skin

2. Bye Bye Undereye concealer is my new favorite go to after a night of no sleep. I swear this stuff is magic and hides my purple bags under my eyes. Careful though, it's thick and brightening and a tiny bit goes a very long way! 

3. I have fairly thick eyebrows so I like to brush them with some clear brow gel. When I'm in a hurry I just don't have time to shape and pencil them in

4. I have tiny eyelashes so I am obsessed with lash extensions but I'm taking a long break from using them and the maitenance of it so I just throw on a little mascara to make me look human. I started using this Maybelline one because a beauty blogger recommended it and I really like it!

5. I keep a waterproof lipliner in my car and don't feel complete without it. It stays so good and really completes my look. I can't fuss with lipgloss these days because it just gets in my hair or food and let's be honest I am busy kissing a new baby CONSTANTLY all day so this works great for me and makes me feel a little more glamorous. It acts as a matte lipstick. 

(optional)6. I can't put makeup on without a tinge of bronzer or blush patted on my cheeks. It just adds life and color to the face and makes you look so fresh. I love the baked blushes from NYX because they have a shimmer to them and really illuminate the skin 

It Cosmetics CC Cream Foundation

It Cosmetics bye bye undereye Concealer

Maybelline Rocket Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel

NYX Waterproof Lipliner


Back to School Picks

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

With back to school just around the corner I thought it would be fun to round up some back to school picks for you mamas! My boys personally go back to school in shorts and t-shirts so I don't stress right away about getting them a pair of fall boots and a jacket but if I spot something I love I'll snag it and put it in the closet until the weather cools off. I love spacing out my shopping so I don't feel stressed and have to go and get everything at once. This summer I have grabbed a few pairs of joggers and jeans for the boys and next I'll pick them each up a new pair of shoes to start the year with. Here is some inspo if you're looking for some ideas of what to get!
Everything is under $50 and at some of my favorite stores, H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom and of course Target. I hope you're enjoying the end of your summer with your littles no matter what it looks like for you and that you've been able to take a minute away and create some memories this year. XO