Thursday, July 19, 2018

Life Lately

TIME IS A THIEF! I can't believe our baby Beck is already 3 weeks old as of yesterday and the summer is half over. I feel like I blinked and the last month has just flashed before our eyes. Having a baby at the beginning of summer is pretty fun and I love that the boys are both home with me all day and get to share the whole summer with us and their new baby sibling. It has been so fun (and tiring) adjusting to a family of 5! Krew has been busy playing at grandparents and friends here and there, Dash has been my little sidekick and such a sweet and helpful big brother, and I've been nursing or changing diapers constantly in between the constant demands of everyday mom life. I secretly love that the boys are staying up late every night and sleeping in everyday. All 3 of the boys are waking up between 9-10am and it has been glorious and reminds me of all my summers as a kid sleeping in and then heading out to play again. 
Although I did just have a baby 3 weeks ago I surprisingly have felt so great and ready to go! I kept having to remind myself to take it easy but really I am not trying to impress anyone I have just felt so good and good about getting out and about with the kids too. I am good about knowing my limits so it's only been a couple hours a day if that, that I am getting out. So far we have gone on a date night, to the movies, costco a couple times, shopping, Target, doctor's office, grandparents house every weekend, parks, a baby shower. Man life just goes on and I can't believe how busy we've been with our 3rd baby haha. I don't think I left the house for weeks when I had Krew.
It has been so nice to soak up every moment with Beck and also be able to do fun things with my older boys and to be able to entertain them this summer while grandparents and dad are at work. Every week since Beck was born has been a little bit easier and a little bit harder. 3 kids is no joke! I feel like I get a good routine down and then one of them throws me through a loop, ha! I think thats true for parenting in general. Every morning the boys love to come jump on my bed and wake Beck up and if I haven't had a chance to get out of bed and get myself pulled together a little bit, then I basically spend the next few hours trying to feed and clothe all of us and get out of the house before its too hot or I am to tired.

We have gone to the splash pad, parks, gyms, friends house and next week we leave for Utah (with my parents) for some more summer fun. We love visiting friends/family there and can not wait to go. I grew up next to an amusement park there (Lagoon) and I really hope we get to take the kids this time and I get to show my little family a piece of my childhood there. Utah is one of my favorite places and we are so excited to go! We will be there for a week and plan on swimming everyday (since there is no outdoor pools here, lame)  and eating all the Utah treats.

So many of my girlfriends are finally having babies and it makes me so happy! I think I have gone to 4 baby showers in the last 2 months! This summer I think we have 2 weddings to go to and then we are ending summer with a quick trip to Portland, OR and then Cannon Beach, OR. It's sort of become a summer tradition the last couple years that we go with Dylan's parents to Cannon Beach and we love ending the summer there with them. If you go, make sure and eat at Pelican Brewery in Cannon Beach!
I am working on getting back into regular blogging and at the end of summer will start training again with lashes! If any of you girls wants to be a model please let me know I will be looking for girls to practice on and then offering extremely discounted prices while I build my skill and clientele. Keep you posted! Also -I hope that you are all making the best of your summer and enjoying your friends and family. It's so easy to fall into the trap of comparison when everyone is showing off the highlights of their summer and their vacations and boats and new swim suits. But I promise there's a bunch of us without all those things sitting at home with their kids cleaning messes and trying to make it through another hot day with nothing but popsicles and a sprinkler in the yard. You're not alone and you are just as cool, don't forget it and make the best of this amazing weather and go get yourself a coffee or iced drink and make today a good one. Love you girls! XO