the podie people: June 2018

4th of July Outfit Inspo

Monday, June 25, 2018

This year I will more than likely spend the 4th of July in sweat pants and a nursing friendly tank top but I always love the patriotic inspo and all the cute/classic outfits for the fourth. If I were dressing up this year I would totally be getting a cute striped dress and tying my hair up in a red bandana. What is more American than that?! I love how classic and easy denim is too. You can throw a jean jacket over any dress or wear a white tee and shorts with a little red accessories and call it good! I hope whatever your plans are you find something cute and festive to wear and enjoy the first big celebration of Summer! This week I am just over here trying to have a baby and online shopping lol. Send me all the good vibes ladies! I need it. XO

Final Bumpdate 40 Weeks

Thursday, June 14, 2018

 People keep asking if I am ready and it's hard to say! I feel like in our home we are as ready as we can be. We have diapers and baby clothes and a spot in our bed for babe. My birth kit is waiting in tubs in the kitchen and my midwife is on call. I got around to getting a pedicure and touching up my roots... but still it's like - AM I REALLY READY?! Every morning I try to get a little house work done and make sure I have some food in the house for if I went into labor that day but it's kind of a joke cause you never really know and I could be waiting another 2 weeks to have this baby realistically!
There's something just so bittersweet about having a newborn babe. It's like you have all this preparation and excitement and then it's gone in a flash and they're on the other side and growing like a weed right before your eyes. So much of me is ready to hold this little baby and find out what he/she is and the other half of me wants to stay pregnant and drag out this experience to hold on to these special times a little longer. I'm hoping I eventually get to the stage of wanting to move on from babies and have older kids! lol.
This entire pregnancy I have been completely CONVINCED I am having a boy and now in the last few weeks I am totally panicking and thinking, this could totally be a girl! I'm carrying smaller, I have heartburn like crazy, my cravings are subtle but much different than with the boys, my belly even looks different this time. I think if this baby ends up a girl I will be in total shock and really have to wrap my head around it haha. Boy mom life just seems so easy and comfortable. Either way, I will be over joyed it's just such a crazy experience to grow someone this long and not know who they are yet. We have a small list of possible girl names but only 1 boy name! Why does it feels so much harder to name babies now?

 Mood: emotional, TIRED (I am falling asleep everyday) anxious, nervous.
Cravings: Fruit, and Powerade like crazy
Sleep: Up every 2 hours at night (ugh good practice) and my first experience with leg cramps!
Appetite: low (thankfully I haven't gained as much as I thought I would)
Wearing: Sweats and Jumpsuits everyday
Carrying: ROUND and I think my belly has finally dropped
Weight gained: about 30-40lbs
Stretch Marks: yep, more with every baby.

In these last few days/week I am taking the time to meditate and really get in the zone for this birth. I was really surprised at how hard it was to have Dash and the stress that came with naturally birthing a 10lb baby. I hear 3rd births can kind of be long so I am gearing up for the long haul and getting my mind in a place of focus and really welcoming this experience and getting connected to this little one.  Some of you have asked how I am preparing for a home birth and are curious about this process. I have thought about doing a full blog post on it but I think that might be a bit much. It's all very personal and there's SO many reasons I have decided to birth this way so I will just share a few basic things I am doing!
At 37 weeks I get cleared for a safe full term home birth so my midwife sends me home with my "kit". I pay her the fee it costs and she sends me home with 2 tubs and a (deflated) birth pool. It contains all the hoses, pumps, pool, sheets, plastic liners, and some of the post partum care items like adult diapers, peri-bottles, pads, things like that. As far as preparation of actual labor I will call my midwife if my water breaks or I am starting to have consistent contractions and we will stay in touch. She will come over when we think things are picking up (do an exam) and that's when we start blowing up the pool. I know there's a lot of confusion about the safety of home birth and all I can say is please do your research!! I was soooo naive before and felt like home birth was medival and risky. Ha! My world has been changed and I feel so much more informed and educated now. I would never choose a care provider or birth plan that I thought was unsafe for my baby and thankfully, I know I am in good hands so please don't think I am trying to prove something lol! My midwife has so much experience and knowledge and would never push me through something dangerous or beyond what I physically could handle!
In case of any emergency which I know is a big question, we transport to the nearest hospital and thankfully she has many medicines and interventions with her. I am a full term and low risk mom so I have the best chance at a intervention free birth. Basically there is no epidural (pain relief) or surgery but most other things she can handle and will. I will likely birth in the pool but might be out, just depending on where I end up when I'm ready to push lol. The birth pool definently helps with the clean up and makes it easy. (It drains outside through the hoses we used to fill it.) All my postpartum care is done in my bed in my bedroom and that includes all of babies care as well including vitamin K shots, exam, weighing and measurements. I have the VIP treatment and could not be more grateful for that care and being able to be home! My midwife will come back the next day and a few days after to do further check ups, paper work, and more. Over all it's a wonderful experience and very professional. I will also share this baby's birth story shortly after!

Thank you all so much for your messages and comments about being excited for our family, it means so much to me! I can't wait to meet this sweet baby and share him/her with you guys!

Summer Amazon Finds!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

With summer just days//weeks away for most of us I have been on amazon like crazy looking for fun things and supplies for all our summer activities and play. (Also pregnancy insomnia keeping me up online shopping all night, oops) I rounded up 10 things I'll be collecting to get ready for summer! As the summer goes on I'll be sure to update this list and share my favorite things with you guys as well. I can't believe how fast this year is already passing, I hope you guys have had a great year so far and have at least one fun thing planned for your family this summer!

1. Native Shoes! cute pairs for boys + girls
2. My favorite sunscreen is Babyganics Sunscreen we always use SPF 50
3. Most definetly getting  Portable Speaker this summer
4. Sunguards for your car windows
5. Insulated Tumbler with metal straw! Year round favorite
6. Cute and affordable Patio Set

7. The coolest Sprinkler for kids
8. Kids Floaties these are so much better for swimming than life jackets
9. Hats are essential for avoiding sunburns -  boys + girls
10. Portable Cooler for allllll the snacks and drinks

11. The best Sun Hat for babies
12. Baby Tent to block sun for little nappers
13. 6 Pack of Super Soakers for pool
14.  The cutest Unicorn Pool Floatie
15. Cutest Beach Tote Bag with pom pom