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Life Lately

Monday, May 21, 2018

Right now life is super relaxed! (Considering the fact we're adding another kid in a few weeks)
 We've had times in our life where we were working on complete opposite schedules managing school, jobs, preschool, and trying to balance family life so for now things being slow is totally okay with me. Every time I think I am bored I have to shake myself silly and remember how freaking grateful I am to not be over scheduled and hustling from one place to another because there have definently been those times and there will be more ahead! It makes me anxious for this baby to get here and the last month of this pregnancy I am having a hard time being patient! It feels like the last few weeks you're just killing time waiting to have a baby lol. It's so hard!

 The weather has been spotty but we've had some consistent sun and are regularly spending weekends at grandparents and bbqing...all the things. I have also been trying to go walking everyday with Dash after we take Krew to school and be active. I am now at weekly appointments with my midwife until I have this baby and I get my "birth kit" this week! (It's all the things I'll need for a home birth and basically clears me to give birth at home from this point)

The boys are starting to get a little anxious but over all I think are doing great with the preparation of baby. I think it's probably because we haven't made any major changes in our home or life style. Their room will stay the same and we haven't set up any baby things from the storage closet (for lack of space and why bother until baby is here) so they just think a baby is coming soon. I can not wait to see them both as big brothers!

Mother's Day was a great day. We headed to a cute town nearby and ate at a place called the Buttered Biscuit just the 4 of us for breakfast. Our phones died, we took no pictures, and Dash obsessed over the trains outside barely even letting us finish our breakfast but it was so nice and the weather was perfect. We went home and everyone took a nap and then ended up bbqing with my parents and getting to facetime my brother who is currently serving a mormon mission in Ohio. (He only gets to skype call twice a year for two years!) I didn't have to cook anything all day and my sweet mama surprised me with tickets for the two of us to see Taylor Swift in Seattle this week! We are so so excited and I hear she is an incredible performer so I am really looking forward to it. Thank you mama!

Krew's first year of elementary school literally FLEW by. (How is it the end of year?!) I am still in shock he is almost done with Kindergarten. I have loved watching him make friends this year and totally blossom. He came home with so many kind notes from teachers and funny stories. Although I miss him every day when he's at school I love that he thrives in a social atmosphere and has had so much fun in preschool and now Kindergarten. I chose to take him and pick him up everyday and I am hoping he continues to let me do that as long as possible! He is signed up for soccer in the fall and can hardly wait to get some cleats and start. So crazy I will officially be a soccer mom this year. Also, in one week he lost his first TWO teeth! Major moment doing the tooth fairy for the first time. She brought glitter.

Dash has started the transition out of his therapy group (he's uneligible with this particular group at 3 years old) so we have been working on finding a good preschool for him to go to next year. He is doing so well and seriously adds so much entertainment and character to our family. He is obsessed with lions and has the funniest little sayings that I never want to forget. I need to record some of our conversations so I can always have these memories of his sweet voice and crazy expressions. He loves animals so much and is always anxious for the next thing we are doing. I have lucked out with him in the nap area. He still naps 2-3 hours a day and lord knows we both need it haha. He takes a lot of energy but is also such a joy and has been so consistent as far as a schedule for me. I am SUPER anxious to see how he reacts to a new baby but I am guessing it will be a mix of excitement and resentment which I understand. I just hope I am able to manage it and we don't have any major regressions.  I am not pushing sleeping in a big bed or potty training super hard with him because I can see how he could immediately regress or get stressed so we will continue to work on that through the summer after baby comes and just take things in stride. The boys are playing so well together and I love watching their bond grow!

I am getting trained in eyelash extensions next week by a girl who used to do my lashes and is fantastic! I am so excited about this and CAN'T WAIT to start practicing and taking models. I am hoping that I will be able to do this for a long time and I'm obsessed with lashes so you know I am going to make sure I do a good job. I will share as soon as I am taking models/clients so please keep an eye out and let me know if you are interested in a newbie doing a set on you, HA.

We added a new rug to the boys' room which I really like. It's the entire floor of the room but oh well. One day it will go into a bigger space! I hated the orangy tan carpet and think this brightens up their room so much. There is alot more I want to do in here but little changes make a big difference! If we have a girl the opposite wall to their bunk bed will become her little space. We are waiting on purchasing a crib and creating a little space for the baby until we know what the gender is (obviously) but also until baby sleeps in a crib full time. We co sleep for months so for now the boy's room will stay the same and baby will nap and sleep in a bassinet or in our bed.
Boys room (Frames) // (Bunkbed) // (Rug) // (Bedding)

We also took some family pictures which I shared more about in a previous post and I think they turned out so great. I have had some questions about how and where we take them so you can read the post HERE if you are interested!

And that's about it! We are basically gearing up for the end of the school year, summer, and our new baby sibling! I wanted to say thank you to all those who take the time to ever send me messages on instagram or follow along with my little blog. The support means so much to me and I love when I am able to make new friends online and when any of you say something I wrote was helpful or inspiring. I hope you all have a great week and are having a great end to the school year!