the podie people: My Favorite Jumpsuits

My Favorite Jumpsuits

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hands down the number one thing I wish I would have just pulled the trigger and purchased from the beginning of my pregnancy are JUMPSUITS! I finally got a few in my third trimester and have no joke liiiived in them. I have zero shame if I look like I am in my pajamas because it's worth it and I personally feel like they're so trendy and cute right now. Neither of mine are maternity! So I can easily wear them after baby too which is perfect for that postpartum bod I am not excited to dress. The one I am wearing in this post is from Asos and if you've followed me for a minute you know it's my absolute favorite place to shop online. There's nothing doesn't have plus they have petite, tall, maternity and plus! I have been wearing mine with sandals and flats mixing it up between tank tops and t-shirts under neath and can easily transition them into fall after this summer by adding a cute hat and sweater over the top. It's an all in one outfit that you really can't beat and I can't think of anything more comfortable for a pregnant mama or just any mama who is running errands and going to the park with her kiddos.

THE PINK HAIR! I posted a few pics on instagram and so far a lot of you are loving the pink hair too! My mom and I got it for fun because we went to the Taylor Swift concert that was here in Seattle and wanted to do something fun. We used the temporary rose gold spray from Kristin Ess that cute hairline that's at Target. It's perfect for blondes and washes out over time so it's totally fun and temporary! I think I'll do it all summer long and tie my hair up in bandanas.

I'm 3 weeks from my "due date" and I don't know if its hormones or built up thoughts over the last few months on motherhood but I have had so much on my mind about motherhood, pregnancy and this journey of raising littles. It seems everywhere I turn moms are shaming each other, competing, over reacting, or even just using social media as a way to validate themselves and I have so many thoughts on this. I haven't blogged about my motherhood thoughts for a little while so it's due time I share some personal things on my mind. I'll be posting that as soon as I can gather my thoughts and put them all together! One of the reasons I started blogging was to share my motherhood journey and I don't ever want to lose sight of that even though I love to share fashion and other aspects.
In the mean time, I will be going live today with another mama in a motherhood group on facebook to share more about my blogging journey and how I got started. If you're interested at all please let me know and we can invite you to the group! Hope you all have a fantastic memorial weekend! I am so excited to be doing my lash training Friday and get started! Thank you girls for taking the time to read and support my side hobby I appreciate you more than you know. XO