the podie people: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday, May 11, 2018

A little online shopping can turn any day around. Here's a few of my favorite things I have in my cart or recently bought!

Just ordered these NATIVE SHOES for Krew. I got his first pair last year and they are easily our favorite spring/summer shoe! They hold up nicely and are so easy for him to put on himself.

I wore my last pair of SLIDE SANDALS into the ground. Literally. So I just ordered these from Amazon in tan and I'm excited to wear them with everything I own once again.

Just bought this 3 PACK of INFANT BOWS (I got the blush and grey pack) in case we have a girl and I'm easily obsessed. I almost hope it's not a girl just because my wallet can not handle the cuteness of girl clothes and shoes. I die.

I finally got a pack of BLACK MICROFIBER TOWELS to remove my makeup with. Genius. I don't know why I have been using my regular towels for so long or makeup wipes! These are so soft and wash really easily plus.. NO STAINS.

My newest SELF TANNER obsession. This one is good guys. More money than I have spent before but it covers all my bases and right now it's worth it to me. Get it while it's on Sale! (I shared too much about this on my instastories if you're interested lol)

I haven't stopped putting BANDANAS in my hair. I hope this trend never goes "out"!

And if you need a presummer jam song, listen to "MINE" by Bazzi