the podie people: May 2018

My Favorite Jumpsuits

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hands down the number one thing I wish I would have just pulled the trigger and purchased from the beginning of my pregnancy are JUMPSUITS! I finally got a few in my third trimester and have no joke liiiived in them. I have zero shame if I look like I am in my pajamas because it's worth it and I personally feel like they're so trendy and cute right now. Neither of mine are maternity! So I can easily wear them after baby too which is perfect for that postpartum bod I am not excited to dress. The one I am wearing in this post is from Asos and if you've followed me for a minute you know it's my absolute favorite place to shop online. There's nothing doesn't have plus they have petite, tall, maternity and plus! I have been wearing mine with sandals and flats mixing it up between tank tops and t-shirts under neath and can easily transition them into fall after this summer by adding a cute hat and sweater over the top. It's an all in one outfit that you really can't beat and I can't think of anything more comfortable for a pregnant mama or just any mama who is running errands and going to the park with her kiddos.

THE PINK HAIR! I posted a few pics on instagram and so far a lot of you are loving the pink hair too! My mom and I got it for fun because we went to the Taylor Swift concert that was here in Seattle and wanted to do something fun. We used the temporary rose gold spray from Kristin Ess that cute hairline that's at Target. It's perfect for blondes and washes out over time so it's totally fun and temporary! I think I'll do it all summer long and tie my hair up in bandanas.

I'm 3 weeks from my "due date" and I don't know if its hormones or built up thoughts over the last few months on motherhood but I have had so much on my mind about motherhood, pregnancy and this journey of raising littles. It seems everywhere I turn moms are shaming each other, competing, over reacting, or even just using social media as a way to validate themselves and I have so many thoughts on this. I haven't blogged about my motherhood thoughts for a little while so it's due time I share some personal things on my mind. I'll be posting that as soon as I can gather my thoughts and put them all together! One of the reasons I started blogging was to share my motherhood journey and I don't ever want to lose sight of that even though I love to share fashion and other aspects.
In the mean time, I will be going live today with another mama in a motherhood group on facebook to share more about my blogging journey and how I got started. If you're interested at all please let me know and we can invite you to the group! Hope you all have a fantastic memorial weekend! I am so excited to be doing my lash training Friday and get started! Thank you girls for taking the time to read and support my side hobby I appreciate you more than you know. XO

Life Lately

Monday, May 21, 2018

Right now life is super relaxed! (Considering the fact we're adding another kid in a few weeks)
 We've had times in our life where we were working on complete opposite schedules managing school, jobs, preschool, and trying to balance family life so for now things being slow is totally okay with me. Every time I think I am bored I have to shake myself silly and remember how freaking grateful I am to not be over scheduled and hustling from one place to another because there have definently been those times and there will be more ahead! It makes me anxious for this baby to get here and the last month of this pregnancy I am having a hard time being patient! It feels like the last few weeks you're just killing time waiting to have a baby lol. It's so hard!

 The weather has been spotty but we've had some consistent sun and are regularly spending weekends at grandparents and bbqing...all the things. I have also been trying to go walking everyday with Dash after we take Krew to school and be active. I am now at weekly appointments with my midwife until I have this baby and I get my "birth kit" this week! (It's all the things I'll need for a home birth and basically clears me to give birth at home from this point)

The boys are starting to get a little anxious but over all I think are doing great with the preparation of baby. I think it's probably because we haven't made any major changes in our home or life style. Their room will stay the same and we haven't set up any baby things from the storage closet (for lack of space and why bother until baby is here) so they just think a baby is coming soon. I can not wait to see them both as big brothers!

Mother's Day was a great day. We headed to a cute town nearby and ate at a place called the Buttered Biscuit just the 4 of us for breakfast. Our phones died, we took no pictures, and Dash obsessed over the trains outside barely even letting us finish our breakfast but it was so nice and the weather was perfect. We went home and everyone took a nap and then ended up bbqing with my parents and getting to facetime my brother who is currently serving a mormon mission in Ohio. (He only gets to skype call twice a year for two years!) I didn't have to cook anything all day and my sweet mama surprised me with tickets for the two of us to see Taylor Swift in Seattle this week! We are so so excited and I hear she is an incredible performer so I am really looking forward to it. Thank you mama!

Krew's first year of elementary school literally FLEW by. (How is it the end of year?!) I am still in shock he is almost done with Kindergarten. I have loved watching him make friends this year and totally blossom. He came home with so many kind notes from teachers and funny stories. Although I miss him every day when he's at school I love that he thrives in a social atmosphere and has had so much fun in preschool and now Kindergarten. I chose to take him and pick him up everyday and I am hoping he continues to let me do that as long as possible! He is signed up for soccer in the fall and can hardly wait to get some cleats and start. So crazy I will officially be a soccer mom this year. Also, in one week he lost his first TWO teeth! Major moment doing the tooth fairy for the first time. She brought glitter.

Dash has started the transition out of his therapy group (he's uneligible with this particular group at 3 years old) so we have been working on finding a good preschool for him to go to next year. He is doing so well and seriously adds so much entertainment and character to our family. He is obsessed with lions and has the funniest little sayings that I never want to forget. I need to record some of our conversations so I can always have these memories of his sweet voice and crazy expressions. He loves animals so much and is always anxious for the next thing we are doing. I have lucked out with him in the nap area. He still naps 2-3 hours a day and lord knows we both need it haha. He takes a lot of energy but is also such a joy and has been so consistent as far as a schedule for me. I am SUPER anxious to see how he reacts to a new baby but I am guessing it will be a mix of excitement and resentment which I understand. I just hope I am able to manage it and we don't have any major regressions.  I am not pushing sleeping in a big bed or potty training super hard with him because I can see how he could immediately regress or get stressed so we will continue to work on that through the summer after baby comes and just take things in stride. The boys are playing so well together and I love watching their bond grow!

I am getting trained in eyelash extensions next week by a girl who used to do my lashes and is fantastic! I am so excited about this and CAN'T WAIT to start practicing and taking models. I am hoping that I will be able to do this for a long time and I'm obsessed with lashes so you know I am going to make sure I do a good job. I will share as soon as I am taking models/clients so please keep an eye out and let me know if you are interested in a newbie doing a set on you, HA.

We added a new rug to the boys' room which I really like. It's the entire floor of the room but oh well. One day it will go into a bigger space! I hated the orangy tan carpet and think this brightens up their room so much. There is alot more I want to do in here but little changes make a big difference! If we have a girl the opposite wall to their bunk bed will become her little space. We are waiting on purchasing a crib and creating a little space for the baby until we know what the gender is (obviously) but also until baby sleeps in a crib full time. We co sleep for months so for now the boy's room will stay the same and baby will nap and sleep in a bassinet or in our bed.
Boys room (Frames) // (Bunkbed) // (Rug) // (Bedding)

We also took some family pictures which I shared more about in a previous post and I think they turned out so great. I have had some questions about how and where we take them so you can read the post HERE if you are interested!

And that's about it! We are basically gearing up for the end of the school year, summer, and our new baby sibling! I wanted to say thank you to all those who take the time to ever send me messages on instagram or follow along with my little blog. The support means so much to me and I love when I am able to make new friends online and when any of you say something I wrote was helpful or inspiring. I hope you all have a great week and are having a great end to the school year!

Affordable + Minimalistic Jewelry for Summer

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lately I have been LIVING for dainty jewelry. I had to finally stop browing/ shopping for clothes because I realized there's no point in shopping when you're this pregnant and then I will have a post partum body for a while even after I have this babe. The worst thing you can do after having a baby is trying to jump back into your old clothes or go shopping! Your body feels even more foreign than being pregnant and NOTHING fits the same. It can be really discouraging but I have to remind myself that I always slim back down a bit and get comfortable in my own skin again. I have healthy and low expectations for this post partum bod so I have been loving getting some cute sandals and jewelry for summer time to accessorize and dress up my basic tee and jean outfit or basic t-shirt dress. I love wearing comfortable easy clothes in the summer so light-weight and simple jewlery is a MUST.

I have been so surprised to find a few really cute brands on Amazon that sell affordable dainty jewelry. I shared more about this on my instagram in my Amazon highlights but here is a few links to Prime eligible items! (knock off cartier bracelet // dainty stacking rings // honeycat jewelry)

Of course a post on my favorite jewelry would never be complete without MadeByMary my favorite necklaces for mamas and best place to get gifts!

My absolute favorite pieces of jewelry right now and all UNDER $50!

Friday Favorites

Friday, May 11, 2018

A little online shopping can turn any day around. Here's a few of my favorite things I have in my cart or recently bought!

Just ordered these NATIVE SHOES for Krew. I got his first pair last year and they are easily our favorite spring/summer shoe! They hold up nicely and are so easy for him to put on himself.

I wore my last pair of SLIDE SANDALS into the ground. Literally. So I just ordered these from Amazon in tan and I'm excited to wear them with everything I own once again.

Just bought this 3 PACK of INFANT BOWS (I got the blush and grey pack) in case we have a girl and I'm easily obsessed. I almost hope it's not a girl just because my wallet can not handle the cuteness of girl clothes and shoes. I die.

I finally got a pack of BLACK MICROFIBER TOWELS to remove my makeup with. Genius. I don't know why I have been using my regular towels for so long or makeup wipes! These are so soft and wash really easily plus.. NO STAINS.

My newest SELF TANNER obsession. This one is good guys. More money than I have spent before but it covers all my bases and right now it's worth it to me. Get it while it's on Sale! (I shared too much about this on my instastories if you're interested lol)

I haven't stopped putting BANDANAS in my hair. I hope this trend never goes "out"!

And if you need a presummer jam song, listen to "MINE" by Bazzi 

How I Edit My Blog + Family Photos

Monday, May 7, 2018

I've had some questions recently on how we take family photos and how I edit them so I thought it would be fun to quickly share here what I do for my blog pics/ family pics!

Okay so I have almost zero photography experience and none when it comes to editing but I have a decent camera and lens my really good friend Sara has showed me how to use. I am sure I am doing it wrong half the time but I remember a lot of the things she taught me so I just kind of play around and do my best! The first thing I always do is make sure the lighting is good. We always take pictures out of the direct sun light or even better, in the afternoon. You can't edit bad lighting and I don't even want to try and mess with that so I always go for shadowed areas or lower natural light.

I have a Nikon D3200 that I got from Costco as a graduation present a few years ago. It came with 2 lens' but I ALWAYS shoot with my Nikon 50mm lens. You have to shoot from pretty far away but it's been the easiest and best for portrait and family photography which is all I really do. It focuses on people great and gives the background a slight blur so it takes a lot of the work out of it for you.

For editing I either use VSCO app on my phone or LIGHTROOM on my computer. With these photos I played around with the color on one photo then copy and pasted those settings to all the other photos and then adjusted the settings if needs be. For example if the exposure setting was too bright on one I just lowered it. I don't use a filter or preset yet but have been looking to buy one that I really like. A ton of photographers and bloggers sell presets and make it so easy to edit like a pro! I like my photos to all look similar but don't want them to look like a color scheme so I just edit using the very basics. Lightroom does cost money (I think $10) a month but it's worth it if you take a lot of pictures. It has a cloud where you can edit from your phone and have everything in one place even when you aren't on a laptop or computer. I haven't downloaded it for my phone yet!

As far as who takes my photos it's usually my younger sister or my husband Dylan. I just set up the camera for them and tell them to go at it and just keep taking pictures from different angles and then I direct my family in the photos. I try to keep it fun and casual so I might say something like " let's all hug!" or tell the kids a joke so they laugh. I try to just smile the entire time and keep switching up our poses. When we have the kids we try to go as fast as possible so I just make sure we are walking together and staying close and then I'll have us all turn around and tell everyone to smile. I like to get as many photos as possible and a variation since over half will be garbage so I just tell who ever is taking the pictures to "keep shooting!" I try to start with us as a family and then let the kids run around and that's when I'll take the camera and get pics of them myself. My number one tip is only ask them to pose a couple times and then let them run around and do their thing. I tell Krew to stay close to Dash so I can get them both in the shot and I squat down at their level to get a good angle of their faces. The kids are usually done after group/family shots so then I will take some with Dylan really quickly which you think would be easy but posing can be hard haha. Good pics can feel awkward and Dylan is such a trooper he just goes with it. I just direct him like "k let's look at each other" or "hold my hand and let's walk over here". Over all we take pics in WELL under an hour. I would say it's important to move quickly but not rush or pressure the kids to participate.

My black and white photos are a LIGHTROOM PRESET. I may have to barely alter it if I want the contrast deeper or exposure up or down but mostly it works fine.

Here is a before and after: 

There is seriously SO many things you can do with Lightroom and I just use the very basics so it's really easy if you want to get some family photos without the stress of hiring someone or if you want to save a little money. I know you can easily rent photo equipment as well so if you don't have a DSLR camera that is an option! If you are a photographer please don't judge me! Like I said this is just what I do for some easy family photos to have and print for our home so I am no professional but I will admit I am pretty satisfied with them and always love improving and learning from each time we do them. 
Family photos can be quick and painless if you have a good location, lighting, and promise ice cream to everyone afterwards! I promise that will always get the best smiles and all the patience your littles can muster. 
If you want to see more posts like this please let me know! I edit my instagram photos differently so I can do a whole post on that as well sharing my favorite photo editing apps and the specific filters I use every time. 

Ditching Jeans - Pants for Spring!

White Tee | Shoes | Denim Jacket

Okay so probably thee most momish outift you have EVER seen but that's probably because I'm pregnant and paired it with flats. I wanted to put on cute heels or wedges so bad with this (think nude wedges or heels) but my body just can not even at this stage of pregnancy. I already am a little unstable but even more than that I have had more hip and pelvis pain than ever with this pregnancy and actually can't stand off balance or I can't walk. (actually going to chiropractor soon) soooo that being said PANTS instead of jeans for spring is my go to. They are so comfortable and light weight and can make any outfit look put together and classy. Here are a few of my favorites right now! I love wearing linen pants and cropped capris in the Spring time with a jean jacket or light sweater. They're so much more comfortable than jeans and much more dressed up than my regular sweats or leggings.
I think I'm getting too big for a jumpsuit but can't wait to wear one after baby!