the podie people: Spring Shoes + Sales

Spring Shoes + Sales

Friday, April 13, 2018

Although the weather here is never quite cooperating all it takes is one sunny day for me to bust out a cute new pair of shoes and make my entire week! There are alot of girls who love bags or jewlery but hands down my favorite thing to buy is shoes. I don't know why I just have always felt like you can change ANY outfit with a new pair of shoes and totally change or dress up your look. I love to take an all black look and pair it with boots and then I'll take that same outfit and throw on some flats and a hat to hit the park with the kids and it looks like I have a brand new look on!

 I am such a bargain shopper and that goes for shoes as well but I have to admit I will usually pay full price for a pair of shoes I know I will wear the crap out of. Luckily there are so many amazing sites these days that price match and offer great sales so it's easy to shop around. I love following other bloggers to because they always keep me up to date on sales and what's trending. (I'm working on a post with my favorite instagram accounts and blogs to follow so you guys can follow too!)

With that being said it's POURING rain today so I am cheering myself up with a cold Dr. Pepper and some online shoppin. I rounded up the best of each style for you guys and grouped them so it's soooo easy to browse and shop! Happy Shopping! There's not a lot of bad days a new pair of shoes can't fix.