the podie people: Spring Break to Disneyland

Spring Break to Disneyland

Monday, April 30, 2018

We were so fortunate to be able to go on a spontaneous trip to Disneyland over Spring Break! We have a lot of family members that work for the airlines so it makes it financially possible for us to fly our family places for vacation and basically we're just suckers for Disney and needed some sunshine so we were able to make it work and we are so happy we did it! We almost didn't go because both the boys had pretty horrible coughs and colds which was a little embarassing as we are covering their mouthes through the airport but it was so worth it and I know they had a blast. It was our last vacation as a family of four and now I am pretty home bodied until I have this baby. We had so much fun spending 2 days in Disney and then our last day we were able to hang out by the pool. The sun was sooo nice and we are already missing it. California heat is so nice I feel like we wait all year for a Washington summer but its so dang humid it's almost not fun. Not to mention we don't have outdoor pools, what the heck!

Disney has a way of making you just go all out. I was uncomfortable in what I was wearing the first day and it was a little overcast so I went and got a big baggy shirt that was really popular and looked like the perfect pajama shirt and as I'm checking out she says that will be $64. I about fell dead on the floor. But handed her my debit card anyway. You could say I am getting good use out of the damn shirt and bringing it on every Disney trip from here on out. I mean DAMN. Also we usually bring a cooler we leave in the stroller but since this was a spontaneous trip we didn't pack any food or drinks so basically the second anyone was thirsty we were stopping to buy a drink, ha. It adds up Disney it adds up. But sometimes you just have to swallow the pill and go for it and enjoy the time you have. It's not everyday we get to go on a family vacation to freaking Disneyland so we lived it up.

It's pretty crazy to think next time we come here we will have THREE children and be family of FIVE. I know that once you have the baby it's like they were always part of the family but for some reason this feels like a big jump in people for us. We are so so excited and also a little nervous haha. We have a big family trip with Dylan's parents planned in December so we will have a little babe and I won't be pregnant so I am excited to be able to ride my favorite rides!

I wrote a post on TIPS FOR DISNEY WITH KIDS that I will continually update and add too so be sure to check that out if you haven't. Everyone has different ideas and tips but if you like saving money and getting the most out of your trip give it a read and let me know if you have any questions or ideas!