the podie people: Must have maternity items to get through every stage of pregnancy

Must have maternity items to get through every stage of pregnancy

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I thought it was about time I shared more of my favorite maternity items! I know better than anyone what it's like to not want to spend a lot of money and to only get the things you really need. Pregnancy can be really hard on so many women and in my opinion a few things here and there that make you feel more comfortable and stylish make a world of a difference. Besides spending a little more time on my hair or makeup or splurging on that pedicure I never let myself get, I love getting a few basic pieces from my favorite sites that I know will fit me my whole pregnancy and that I can wear a bunch of different ways through every trimester. I am a huge fan of finding pieces that work for post baby too! I always tell my mom friends you can get through your whole pregnancy with one pair of maternity jeans, black leggings, white t-shirt, tank top, comfortable fitted bra, and of course a t-shirt/body con dress. I kind of stick to one outfit rotation every trimester depending on my size. Right now as I'm in my 3rd it's a lot harder to get dressed but I am loving t shirt dresses, maternity jeans with a maternity tank and then a baggy sweater or kimono over the top and you know I love me some jogger pants and a t shirt with a hat and denim jacket. My go to!
Below I linked some of my life savers this pregnancy as well as a BUNCH of cute items from my favorite sites that I have my eye on or have recently purchased!
*All my links are always bold and in pink

Best thing for sleep and anxiety is this POWDERED MAGNESIUM
My first go round with heart burn has been killer, I'm chewing these CHEWY TUMS
THIS PILLOW is a holy grail to so many prego mamas! I want to try THIS one too
My midwife always hooks me up with the best of the best VITAMINS
Recently tried a BELLY SUPPORT belt and it's a must for the third trimester
This JOURNAL is my most prized possession right now! Starting them for all my kids
These TANK TOPS are the most supportive I've ever worn! Sharing more on instagram soon
I highly recommend at least one pair of maternity JEANS

My absolute favorite sites for maternity clothes are