the podie people: 30 Week Bumpdate

30 Week Bumpdate

Monday, April 9, 2018

 Maternity Jeans // Shoes // Sunglasses

Holy Cow I can't believe we are in the final 2 months of pregnancy! Although I can't say I don't feel like I've been pregnant forever, some how this pregnancy has gone by really quick. I think having 2 little boys to keep me busy has really kept my mind off the waiting game and busier than ever. We have bought maybe a handful of gender neutral items but really haven't done much to prepare for this baby and I'm starting to get a little bit of a nesting bug as far as getting the house more organized and pulling out some of the boy's old baby clothes to be washed and used again. Not finding out the gender has really helped with saving money that's for sure ha! If I knew I was having girl oh my gosh I would be freaking out about where to put her and probably online shopping every night that I can't sleep, which is a lot lately.
I know people say it all the time but last night when Dylan and I got into bed we were talking about how we are always in such a rush for the next thing in life. To make more money, buy a house, get done with school, get through the next day but really we want to make sure we take this time right now to SLOW EVERYTHING DOWN. We never get these years back with our babies and we are already freaking out that our oldest will be done with Kindergarten by the time I have this baby. I mean our baby now is nearly THREE YEARS OLD. Sorry to be sappy but it honestly just starts flying by when you start having kids and although the days are long I seriously can't keep up with how fast they are growing right before my eyes. Dash is at my favorite age and Krew has been such a joy to experience all our firsts of parenting with. I honestly feel taken back everytime I realize this will be my 3rd child. I can't express how blessed that makes me feel. Over everything in the world I am most grateful to be a mother!

Okay okay sorry to get sappy! Let's get to the good stuff...

Craving: My cravings have gone down a lot, but so has my appetite since hitting the final trimester. I have been eating a lot smaller meals and kinda wish I had a craving to really hit the spot. Everything feels kind of forced when I eat it, even treats don't have the same exciting satisfaction as they used too. I think this might be attributed to the fact that I had food poisoning and some other digestional/tummy issues the last few weeks that really put me under but we will see as we get closer if I build an appetite back up.

Gender: We are sticking firm to finding out gender when baby is born and it's the oddest thing I still don't feel anxious or freaked out about it! Recently I started thinking about it more as names have become soooo hard for us to decide on considering we have to have one or two solid boy names and girl names but I still feel like it's a boy. If this baby comes out a girl I think we will all be kinda shocked but in truth it will be so exciting either way. Sometimes I worry about not having that immediate connection because I don't know what I'm having but I think that's similar to worrying that you won't love your 2nd baby as much as your first and we all know its instant love and it's so silly to even worry about it so I have just been telling myself to enjoy this pregnancy and let this be an exciting thing.

Wearing: I am wearing all the stretchy body con dresses and let's face it lots of sweats and athletic looks. I outgrew my favorite sweatshirt a few weeks ago and not gonna lie I was pretty bummed. It gets pretty difficult the last couple months for me to stay motivated to get dressed cute and find things that feel comfortable! In my experience accessories and doing your hair/makeup can really complete any casual look so I am sticking to that. I don't even like wearing maternity jeans in the final trimester everything just feels so restricting and tight! On that note, I'm actually going to buy a soft jumpsuit online tonight. I know I will look like a potato sack but I am totally cool with it. I'll post a pic and we can all laugh.

Sleep: Oh man so long to the 2nd trimester ease. I am up multiple times in the night for rolling over and bathroom breaks and just a little over all restlessness which leaves me completely exhausted the next day. I'd rather just get 5 hours of continuous sleep and call it good! But thankfully Dash is a great napper and most days I am able to spend a little time regrouping before I get Krew from school and start the afternoon routines. Staying at home may not be financially appealing but I'll tell you it's been the best to not have a job or school to be at this pregnancy. Also, taking magnesium helps so much for sleep everyone should take it!

Overall I am really starting to feel the final trimester hard. I feel so grateful and excited but I think it's also okay to admit that sometimes pregnancy is just hard for some people. I am pretty tired, short of breath, itchy, and really feeling that belly stretch. If you see me before I have this baby try not to comment on how big I am HA, cause girl I already know, trust me. But in all seriousness this is the time where it gets pretty real so I am trying to take a minute to thank my body and appreciate this beautiful blessing. I got a few amazing boy helpers at home and a lot of support and I can't wait to to welcome this baby into the Podie People!

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