the podie people: 11 Things You Don't Know About Me

11 Things You Don't Know About Me

Monday, April 30, 2018


1. I have a secret love for horses. I used to ride for a short time as a little girl and honestly would day dream about ponies. I even love the smell! 

2. I’m obsessed with the rapper/singer Post Malone. Hahaha. One of my best friends and I send each other videos and pics of him via DM all day. It’s a problem.

3. Dylan and I were 17 and 18 when we had our first baby Krew. I turned 17 a week before Krew was born and celebrated at Red Robin with a milkshake and Braxton Hicks.

4. I love to read as much as I love tv. And that’s a lot. Mostly fiction but I love a good self help too! I want to start a book club

5. My feet have grown 2 size since having kids. And let’s face it -so has my butt.

6. I’m a licensed hair stylist! I don’t work in a salon right now but I do hair for friends and family all the time from home! It’s the only job I would have that would keep me from being a SAHM.

7. My absolute worst fear in the world is snakes. If one of my boys ever teases me with one I will quite literally kick them out of the house.

8. I’m more of a savory than sweets kinds gal. Give me all the cheese plates! I only crave sweets when I’m pregnant.

9. I have 3 tattoos. 2 are for my kids and the third.... was my first. I got it on the couch in my living room by the neighbor kid when I was 13 or 14. My boyfriend at the time got my name on his hip (hahaha yes.)I guess I was kind of a little rebel growing up for a while 

10. I’ve had braces twice! And obviously never been good at wearing a retainer.

11. I went to one year of college and was a cheerleader for the University of Washington here in Seattle. It was something I really wanted to prove I could do after high school and having a baby but I wouldn’t say it was the best experience of my life and was not for me.

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