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Staying Motivated: My top 10 Tips

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I'm in no way perfect and there are absolutely days where I do nothing but lay around and get nothing done. And actually I have been in such a funk so I made myself a list of things I know without a doubt get me motivated and at least kick start my day to be better.  As a stay at home mom it can feel like there's no reason to get up and get ready or to make a schedule but that can be a horrible trap. No matter if you work, have kids, stay home, or do a mix of a bunch of things we all find ourselves lacking motivation to get things done. Here are some things that always start me out on the right foot for the day, nearly every time. Trust me, if you do these things you'll FEEL productive.

1. Wake up on time, get up early if you like to be prepared (before your kids if you're a mom!)

2. Start a load of laundry or a load of dishes first thing. I INSTANTLY feel like I have accomplished a task and feel like I'm off to the best start

3. GET READY. If you plan on doing anything productive in a day I think it's a must to get dressed or at least do your hair and makeup and make yourself feel put together. I rarely feel motivated in sweats. (We all have those days though!)

4. Prep snacks and meals ahead of time so mornings run smoother and you don't have to eat out or spend money

5. Know your stressors/triggers and plan ahead for them (picking out an outfit for kids, getting shoes on before it's time to go, packing snacks)

6. Make a list - prioritize your day ( writing things down is scientifically proven to relieve stress!)

7. Set a timer for all tasks. you will usually finish before the timer! I am always surprised at this! You can accomplish most things in 10 minutes

8. Have a motto as cheesy as that sounds, "JUST DO IT" works for me everytime

9. Schedule your week! (even as a stay at home mom we need an idea of what our routine is)

10. Learn to laugh when things don't go as planned, and always set time aside for yourself to recharge, this includes scheduling hair appointments, lunch with girlfriend, a bath with essential oils, an exercise class
(every night after kids go to bed I do my routine and read or watch tv by myself)

If you have any tips for staying productive and motivated please send them my way!

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