the podie people: Momiform - Casual Dresses (Maternity)

Momiform - Casual Dresses (Maternity)

Monday, March 12, 2018

I think one of the most comfortable things to wear while pregnant (BESIDES SWEATS) is a dress. I love how many casual style dresses there are these days so you can literally wear them for any occasion. Now that it's starting to warm up I can't wait to order a few t-shirt style dresses and get out of my jeans and leggings!
I dressed this down by throwing on a pair of vans and a flannel but you could easily dress it up with cute sandals or wedges for a date night or weekend "shower" to attend. I try to stay out of heels at all costs while pregnant because of my pelvis and hip pain and just plain being top heavy but sometimes it feels nice to throw on a pair of heels for an hour at church and feel a little taller than the round ball I feel like I am, ha!
Now some women can get away without wearing spanx or shorts underneath but I am not that girl. I am all about the granny panties and biker shorts under dresses when pregnant. I like everything sucked and tucked in and can't stand the feeling of my legs touching so I always put something on under neath. Below I tagged some underwear to wear under a dress, my vans,  and my favorite dresses for spring!

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