the podie people: Mom Hacks Pt. 2

Mom Hacks Pt. 2

Saturday, March 3, 2018

My new goal is to get a container in the fridge that always stays full of snacks. I use ziplocks for everything so I am loving the idea of putting some apple slices, a granola bar, crackers, chips, carrots or cucumbers (love costco hummus packs for veggies) into a bag in the fridge that I can throw in my diaper bag on the way out the door. This is also helpful for when I'm busy doing something and kids want "a snaaaaccckkk". I can easily say -sure pick a bag out of the fridge.

I only have 2 kids but getting shoes on and out the door is probably the biggest pain in the ass of my morning. I am slowly saying goodbye to shoes with laces. I think this may be a new trend because  a lot of our favorite brands like converse and vans are now making velcro and tie-less versions of our favorite styles. WIN!

or good old fashioned sharpie to skin.. Write YOUR name and phone number on your child's arm when going to a public place like a fair, or Disneyland. Or you can get removable tattoos! Either way works but then if they get lost a friendly stranger or employee can quickly call you and get them back safe. For backpacks you can easily sew a patch in with their information that can be cut out when you go to donate it or pass it down to younger brother who wants his own name on it. (Never put names on the outside of backpacks, strangers can call them by name and make it seem like they know them)

Did you know you can freeze pb&j's and basically make your own crustables? Pull them out in the morning and they're perfectly defrosted for lunch! This is another grab and go hack that makes mornings so much easier when you're just trying to get out the door but feel like you have to pack your house in order to do a full day with toddlers.

Start a large container for your child's special memories. This should include anything special you want to document like an award at school or their favorite art project. At the end of the year clean it out and only keep a couple items you want to keep forever. For my kid's I have the outfit they wore the day they were born, their first hair cut hair in a ziplock, and now that Krew is in school I am sorting through our favorite things from Kindergarten to keep forever. I store photos somewhere else so that they are all together but a photo album is another one to keep in there personalized for them.

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