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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We are more than ready for Spring over here! We did enjoy a few fun snow days over winter break and a quick vacay this past weekend but we are starting to get a little cabin fever. I think we've played with every toy the kids have ever owned and watched every movie Netflix has to offer. We have seen a few spring days pop up here and there and have loved getting out to the park! 
Krew is loving Kindergarten and is the little social butterfly of his class. It makes me so proud that he loves school and has a great routine. I can't believe I have been pregnant his entire year of Kindergarten! 
Dash is doing fantastic in his speech and occupational therapy at home. It keeps me really busy during the week so I have had a lot less time for play dates and getting out of the house but I have seen so much progress and feel so grateful to be able to give him all the dedication and time he deserves to succeed. 
Dylan is almost done with his first quarter of school and doing so well! I am really proud of him and his work ethic. He takes school really seriously and has done a great job managing work and family on top of it. 
I am finally in my 3rd trimester and really feeling it! I have been feeling super heavy and short of breath and walking in this weather is such a drag so I have stayed busy with yoga and water aerobics which I love. I am also currently getting back into essential oils and can't wait to share more about that!
With Easter right around the corner I can't wait for Spring and to be getting closer to this babies due date! We are still not finding out the gender till baby is born and I can't wait to find out the day he/she is born. Currently we are stumped on names and it has me a little worried. Nothing seems to be sticking!
Starbs date on a snowday! It was such a beautiful day we got out of the house right away to go play in the snow and then stopped for a breakfast date. Easy to say I found cocoa all over my back seat that day.. worth it.
We got a new bed and sheets and I kid you not I swear I am sleeping better already. The kids love climbing up on it every morning when they wake up.
Krew totally looks like Alfalfa here HAHA! He loves going to church so much and takes a lot of pride in getting his outfit ready and doing his hair. It's honestly the sweetest thing. Every week he stands in the mirror and asks how handsome he looks.

When did my baby get so big?! He is finally growing and all the sudden looking like a little boy not a baby.
One of our favorite traditions is weekend mornings together when dad is home. We either make pancakes or ditch cooking all together and go pick up donuts. Finally the weather is starting to cooperate so we can add a walk to the end of that because lord knows I need exercise after eating donuts for breakfast. Ugh.
Valentine's Day was fun this year. I decorated the kitchen and made fun treats for the kids. Of course Krew picked out Star Wars valentine's for his class.  I once thought I would be the mom that hand makes valentines because I actually like that stuff but for some reason I have had no desire and think it's great that Krew got to pick his own out. Probably saved me a fortune too.
This white shirt kind of hides my belly but hello 27 weeks! I am getting so big and the boys love to rub my belly all the time. Also noted* the first time I got to wear sandals this year! YESSSSS.
 This kid makes me laugh every single day. He is always trying to sneak a costume item into school and show off. He came out of school the other day with these on totally rockin it, no shame!
 Playing with friends at the park. True mom life.
Is it even a Podolak birthday if we don't hit up BBW?
Finally got the stroller we have wanted for years so we are taking it out for walks every chance we get! Right now we are using it as a single but it has a second seat that fits on perfectly so once baby is big enough we can't wait to add another little one to our daily walks!
Give you one guess who dressed the boys and could hardly contain his excitement. Dylan is a huge USC fan so dressing his boys up made his whole day. I love this picture too.
 Lately I have been trying to do so more one on one dates with my big boy. With a lot of my attention going to Dash lately there hasn't been alot of time for Krew one on one. I have taken him to fro yo dates and last night I finally let him tag along to my water aerobics class. It was hilarious and I'm sure the ladies in the class were confused but he was so excited and I loved being able to share that with him and let him stay up later than brother for once. He is the best big brother and I can't wait to see him hold our new baby. He is always coming up with baby names and saying how excited he is.

 Dylan and I got to get away for a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate his brother's 21st birthday with his family. It was quick but we had a lot of fun and came home exhausted! My grandma and my mom stayed at our house to watch the boys and I'm pretty sure they hardly noticed we were gone, of course. I don't think we will get away again before this baby is born so it was really nice to get away just the two of us and have some time together. The weather was so beautiful I wish we had an extra day to stay and play. We ended up going to the David Copperfield magic show, and well we unfortunately weren't impressed. I was bummed because I basically only go to Vegas to eat and watch the shows and usually always love them! Next time we plan to see the Beatles show, Love. We heard it was awesome!
 Got a few things for Spring at Target for the boys so you know I needed their picture in their new clothes. I love how easy it is to dress two boys! If I have a girl it's a whole new ball game.
Every morning before school the boys watch cartoons together and play toys. I never want to forget their sweet little faces in the morning. Right now my routine is anything but spectacular but I'm living the "good ol days" and love it.

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