the podie people: March 2018

Friday Favorites + Weekend Sales

Thursday, March 29, 2018

We are headed into an exciting weekend! We got to spend all day yesterday celebrating Dylan's birthday and spent the evening at home making a taco bar so this weekend we have plans to go to the family cabin and out to dinner to celebrate him. Easter is this Sunday and I'll be honest guys I haven't bought a damn thing. Majorly needing to run to the dollar store and Target tomorrow during school hours I'll tell ya that much. Please tell me there's some other mamas out there slackin as well?!  I usually like to keep it simple anyways so I'm excited to get some fun stuff including bubbles, art supplies, candy, a book for each of them, and a new special toy. I love the boys at this age because their expectations are low and they are so excited to get the simplest of things like candy and play dough. I will miss these days when they are teenagers.

hat // shoes // necklace // sunglasses

Here's some of my favorite things this week!

1. This PINK BLUSH maternity tank dress I'm wearing non stop

2. Busting out the Birkenstocks! I am obsessed with THIS PAIR. They sell out every year.

3. My PORTABLE CHARGER. Game changer I can't stress enough how much easier life is with it.

4. Old Navy's site wide 50% off sale ONLINE ONLY. Getting Spring stuff for the boys!

5. You all I know I'm obsessed with ASOS - and especially their 70% OFF SALE right now!

Life Lately

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We are more than ready for Spring over here! We did enjoy a few fun snow days over winter break and a quick vacay this past weekend but we are starting to get a little cabin fever. I think we've played with every toy the kids have ever owned and watched every movie Netflix has to offer. We have seen a few spring days pop up here and there and have loved getting out to the park! 
Krew is loving Kindergarten and is the little social butterfly of his class. It makes me so proud that he loves school and has a great routine. I can't believe I have been pregnant his entire year of Kindergarten! 
Dash is doing fantastic in his speech and occupational therapy at home. It keeps me really busy during the week so I have had a lot less time for play dates and getting out of the house but I have seen so much progress and feel so grateful to be able to give him all the dedication and time he deserves to succeed. 
Dylan is almost done with his first quarter of school and doing so well! I am really proud of him and his work ethic. He takes school really seriously and has done a great job managing work and family on top of it. 
I am finally in my 3rd trimester and really feeling it! I have been feeling super heavy and short of breath and walking in this weather is such a drag so I have stayed busy with yoga and water aerobics which I love. I am also currently getting back into essential oils and can't wait to share more about that!
With Easter right around the corner I can't wait for Spring and to be getting closer to this babies due date! We are still not finding out the gender till baby is born and I can't wait to find out the day he/she is born. Currently we are stumped on names and it has me a little worried. Nothing seems to be sticking!
Starbs date on a snowday! It was such a beautiful day we got out of the house right away to go play in the snow and then stopped for a breakfast date. Easy to say I found cocoa all over my back seat that day.. worth it.
We got a new bed and sheets and I kid you not I swear I am sleeping better already. The kids love climbing up on it every morning when they wake up.
Krew totally looks like Alfalfa here HAHA! He loves going to church so much and takes a lot of pride in getting his outfit ready and doing his hair. It's honestly the sweetest thing. Every week he stands in the mirror and asks how handsome he looks.

When did my baby get so big?! He is finally growing and all the sudden looking like a little boy not a baby.
One of our favorite traditions is weekend mornings together when dad is home. We either make pancakes or ditch cooking all together and go pick up donuts. Finally the weather is starting to cooperate so we can add a walk to the end of that because lord knows I need exercise after eating donuts for breakfast. Ugh.
Valentine's Day was fun this year. I decorated the kitchen and made fun treats for the kids. Of course Krew picked out Star Wars valentine's for his class.  I once thought I would be the mom that hand makes valentines because I actually like that stuff but for some reason I have had no desire and think it's great that Krew got to pick his own out. Probably saved me a fortune too.
This white shirt kind of hides my belly but hello 27 weeks! I am getting so big and the boys love to rub my belly all the time. Also noted* the first time I got to wear sandals this year! YESSSSS.
 This kid makes me laugh every single day. He is always trying to sneak a costume item into school and show off. He came out of school the other day with these on totally rockin it, no shame!
 Playing with friends at the park. True mom life.
Is it even a Podolak birthday if we don't hit up BBW?
Finally got the stroller we have wanted for years so we are taking it out for walks every chance we get! Right now we are using it as a single but it has a second seat that fits on perfectly so once baby is big enough we can't wait to add another little one to our daily walks!
Give you one guess who dressed the boys and could hardly contain his excitement. Dylan is a huge USC fan so dressing his boys up made his whole day. I love this picture too.
 Lately I have been trying to do so more one on one dates with my big boy. With a lot of my attention going to Dash lately there hasn't been alot of time for Krew one on one. I have taken him to fro yo dates and last night I finally let him tag along to my water aerobics class. It was hilarious and I'm sure the ladies in the class were confused but he was so excited and I loved being able to share that with him and let him stay up later than brother for once. He is the best big brother and I can't wait to see him hold our new baby. He is always coming up with baby names and saying how excited he is.

 Dylan and I got to get away for a quick trip to Vegas to celebrate his brother's 21st birthday with his family. It was quick but we had a lot of fun and came home exhausted! My grandma and my mom stayed at our house to watch the boys and I'm pretty sure they hardly noticed we were gone, of course. I don't think we will get away again before this baby is born so it was really nice to get away just the two of us and have some time together. The weather was so beautiful I wish we had an extra day to stay and play. We ended up going to the David Copperfield magic show, and well we unfortunately weren't impressed. I was bummed because I basically only go to Vegas to eat and watch the shows and usually always love them! Next time we plan to see the Beatles show, Love. We heard it was awesome!
 Got a few things for Spring at Target for the boys so you know I needed their picture in their new clothes. I love how easy it is to dress two boys! If I have a girl it's a whole new ball game.
Every morning before school the boys watch cartoons together and play toys. I never want to forget their sweet little faces in the morning. Right now my routine is anything but spectacular but I'm living the "good ol days" and love it.

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Top 10 Beauty Must Haves

Friday, March 23, 2018

My absolute favorite affordable Self Tanner

Can't go a day without Dry Shampoo

Since I quit extensions I always use Strip Lashes when I go out

Best and most long lasting Setting Powder on the market

How have I gone so long without this Lip Mask I now use daily

I can't put gloss or lipstick on without  my $4 Lip Liner

The Undereye Concealer that changed the game

Olaplex Step 3 saves my blonde hair in between highlights

The OG Oribe Dry Texture Spray

My absolute favorite Generic Brand Texture Spray for a fraction of the cost

Don't brush your hair without a Wet Brush 

My Go To Accessory - Hats

Monday, March 19, 2018

Hands down my favorite thing to add to any outfit is a hat! It's the easiest thing to throw on when you don't want to do your hair OR you just want to complete your look without getting to dressed up. I'd say I end up throwing a hat on 2-3 days a week. I'm a really minimal accessory gal, I think less is more so I always have a few go to simple necklaces or hats that go with everything that I can wear over and over. I'm sure a lot of you are big fans of dry shampoo too so this is the cure all to that last day hair before you're forced to wash it, ha!

Especially with being pregnant I am sticking to really simple outfits and buying shoes and accessories to switch it up. I've started hearing more about a capsule wardrobe and I'm so interested! Basically you have like 25 pieces in your entire closet (5 of everything) that all can be interchanged and worn in different patterns and create a different outfit everyday. It really simplifies your wardrobe and style and you can switch it up for different seasons. Have you heard of that? I think it's genius! In a world that is so obsessed with quantity and having more I think it's so refreshing to have a few bloggers I follow sharing how they really dress or have cut back on clothing to create a few staple outfits they actually wear over and over.

 I have an addiction to shoes and beauty products but I could for sure simplify my wardrobe with a few favorite pieces - I feel like I usually wear my favorite things over and over through a season anyways! What would you put in your spring wardrobe? I would for sure do a tight t-shirt dress, jeans, a cute blouse (one with "poofy" sleeves or embroidery) and then maybe a cargo jacket and some birkenstocks. Then mix in a few t-shirts and switch up the accessories like hats! Right? If you have any idea go comment on my instagram post with this outfit!

Maternity Jeans | Shoes  | Sweater

Our Amazon Bed - Review!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's no secret that Dylan and I like to be frugal and have to be careful with where we spend money. We have to save and research for a long time before making purchases and so I like to think that although we don't have the BEST of everything out there, we do know how to make a small living space and alot of kids feel like a comfortable home and we work hard at that. We have gone YEARS without an actual headboard. I have found so many I love but kept telling myself to wait until we could fit a king size or to just wait for something more affordable. I change my mind all the time on style so I like to spend as little as possible but still get something that's quality. I've burned myself before being cheap but not this time.

Introducing, the $153 bed off Amazon. (praise jesus emoji) I decided to purchase this because of the reviews it already had but so many friends wanted an indepth look at it so I decided to write a little post about it and document the process of putting it together.

First of all it's on Amazon so it ships right to your door in 2 boxes. SO easy. I think we paid an addtional $30 in shipping plus tax but even still it was the most affordable bed I could even find!
We honeslty were able to put it together in about an hour so in my book that took the cake. We have spent far to much time fighting over Ikea furniture so I knew that was not even an option this time.

Overall: We love it and it's a great first bed purchase! One day we will upgrade but for now it's so perfect for our small room and makes our room feel put together and like an adult bedroom. Since I know you're wondering yes the bed is very sturdy and doesn't move around or shift when you get in and out of it. And

The company had a bunch of different types of beds and colors so if you're interested check them out! The only downfall we had was that it came in 2 separate boxes within 4 days so that was a bummer but we waited less than 2 weeks for the bed so I can't complain. It only took about 1.5 hrs total to put together and was so easy!

If you're in need of a bed try this one out and please let me know if you do! I love it when anyone writes me and says they bought something I recommended and actually loved it too.

We bought this bed and genuinely wanted to share an affordable and great find 

Momiform - Casual Dresses (Maternity)

Monday, March 12, 2018

I think one of the most comfortable things to wear while pregnant (BESIDES SWEATS) is a dress. I love how many casual style dresses there are these days so you can literally wear them for any occasion. Now that it's starting to warm up I can't wait to order a few t-shirt style dresses and get out of my jeans and leggings!
I dressed this down by throwing on a pair of vans and a flannel but you could easily dress it up with cute sandals or wedges for a date night or weekend "shower" to attend. I try to stay out of heels at all costs while pregnant because of my pelvis and hip pain and just plain being top heavy but sometimes it feels nice to throw on a pair of heels for an hour at church and feel a little taller than the round ball I feel like I am, ha!
Now some women can get away without wearing spanx or shorts underneath but I am not that girl. I am all about the granny panties and biker shorts under dresses when pregnant. I like everything sucked and tucked in and can't stand the feeling of my legs touching so I always put something on under neath. Below I tagged some underwear to wear under a dress, my vans,  and my favorite dresses for spring!

 Shop my exact vans  HERE and my spanx HERE

Staying Motivated: My top 10 Tips

Thursday, March 8, 2018

I'm in no way perfect and there are absolutely days where I do nothing but lay around and get nothing done. And actually I have been in such a funk so I made myself a list of things I know without a doubt get me motivated and at least kick start my day to be better.  As a stay at home mom it can feel like there's no reason to get up and get ready or to make a schedule but that can be a horrible trap. No matter if you work, have kids, stay home, or do a mix of a bunch of things we all find ourselves lacking motivation to get things done. Here are some things that always start me out on the right foot for the day, nearly every time. Trust me, if you do these things you'll FEEL productive.

1. Wake up on time, get up early if you like to be prepared (before your kids if you're a mom!)

2. Start a load of laundry or a load of dishes first thing. I INSTANTLY feel like I have accomplished a task and feel like I'm off to the best start

3. GET READY. If you plan on doing anything productive in a day I think it's a must to get dressed or at least do your hair and makeup and make yourself feel put together. I rarely feel motivated in sweats. (We all have those days though!)

4. Prep snacks and meals ahead of time so mornings run smoother and you don't have to eat out or spend money

5. Know your stressors/triggers and plan ahead for them (picking out an outfit for kids, getting shoes on before it's time to go, packing snacks)

6. Make a list - prioritize your day ( writing things down is scientifically proven to relieve stress!)

7. Set a timer for all tasks. you will usually finish before the timer! I am always surprised at this! You can accomplish most things in 10 minutes

8. Have a motto as cheesy as that sounds, "JUST DO IT" works for me everytime

9. Schedule your week! (even as a stay at home mom we need an idea of what our routine is)

10. Learn to laugh when things don't go as planned, and always set time aside for yourself to recharge, this includes scheduling hair appointments, lunch with girlfriend, a bath with essential oils, an exercise class
(every night after kids go to bed I do my routine and read or watch tv by myself)

If you have any tips for staying productive and motivated please send them my way!

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Momiform Maternity Style

Monday, March 5, 2018

I have to admit this is totally out of my comfort zone these days. I am coming up on my 3rd trimester with my 3rd baby and I decide to start modeling outfits. Not my brightest idea or my most confident decision but you know what's so beautiful about the online world and blogging community? It's that it doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what size you are there's a place for you and you are your own kind of style and bring your own personality to everything you post. So here I am in all my pregnant glory, in a much bigger size than I ever have been... sharing outfits that make me feel good and that ANY woman can wear pregnant - or NOT.

I hope that if you're reading this and thinking you're not enough in anyway, to share what you love- that you stop and recognize right now how much it does not matter what anyone thinks and that you should share anything you are passionate about. I have always had a love for fashion and style and always felt I didn't fit the mold for the fashion blogger body but that stops here because I know there's plenty of other women who can relate to my size and my time of life and can benefit from me choosing to share! Thank you so much for being here and supporting my passion. XO

I linked a bunch of options below including my exact shoes and bag! Both can be found on amazon and are 2 of my favorite things right now. My jeans and sweater are non maternity but you know for dang sure I have a nice supportive MATERNITY TANK under neath supporting all this baby and boob-age happening.( Is that a word? ) Also, my exact shoes are the Tahari brand and you can find them on Amazon as well. Size up a half size for sure!

Tahari Women's Ta-Flower Loafer Flat, Black, 9.5 Medium US

Diaper Bag by Miss Fong,Baby Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Pad,Wipes Pouch,Diaper Bag Organizer,Stroller Straps and Insulated Pockets(Grey)

Mom Hacks Pt. 2

Saturday, March 3, 2018

My new goal is to get a container in the fridge that always stays full of snacks. I use ziplocks for everything so I am loving the idea of putting some apple slices, a granola bar, crackers, chips, carrots or cucumbers (love costco hummus packs for veggies) into a bag in the fridge that I can throw in my diaper bag on the way out the door. This is also helpful for when I'm busy doing something and kids want "a snaaaaccckkk". I can easily say -sure pick a bag out of the fridge.

I only have 2 kids but getting shoes on and out the door is probably the biggest pain in the ass of my morning. I am slowly saying goodbye to shoes with laces. I think this may be a new trend because  a lot of our favorite brands like converse and vans are now making velcro and tie-less versions of our favorite styles. WIN!

or good old fashioned sharpie to skin.. Write YOUR name and phone number on your child's arm when going to a public place like a fair, or Disneyland. Or you can get removable tattoos! Either way works but then if they get lost a friendly stranger or employee can quickly call you and get them back safe. For backpacks you can easily sew a patch in with their information that can be cut out when you go to donate it or pass it down to younger brother who wants his own name on it. (Never put names on the outside of backpacks, strangers can call them by name and make it seem like they know them)

Did you know you can freeze pb&j's and basically make your own crustables? Pull them out in the morning and they're perfectly defrosted for lunch! This is another grab and go hack that makes mornings so much easier when you're just trying to get out the door but feel like you have to pack your house in order to do a full day with toddlers.

Start a large container for your child's special memories. This should include anything special you want to document like an award at school or their favorite art project. At the end of the year clean it out and only keep a couple items you want to keep forever. For my kid's I have the outfit they wore the day they were born, their first hair cut hair in a ziplock, and now that Krew is in school I am sorting through our favorite things from Kindergarten to keep forever. I store photos somewhere else so that they are all together but a photo album is another one to keep in there personalized for them.

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