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Why I Started Blogging

Sunday, February 25, 2018

This is a post I'm surprised I haven't written or shared yet! In this day and age where everyone has a blog or an instagram I think it can kind of be intimidating to share your creativity or something you want to do if you feel like you'll be lost in the crowd. For me that has been true the last 7 years but for some reason I keep coming back to it.

I have always genuinly enjoyed reading blogs. I love the depth that comes to a well thought-out post and the photos that go with it. Everything about a blog is personal, (even if you are getting paid.)
When I first started a blog right after Krew was born it was theraputic for me to have a creative outlet and somewhere to record my thoughts and photos. (I was able to look up these photos that are still active on my old site and holy throwback! So many emotions looking at the old school photos of baby Krew!!) It was such a hard time of life for Dylan and I but I am so glad I took the time to take these photos and try my best to make life sweet for our little babe. I took so much pride in styling our outfits and creating little posts that really helped take my mind off some of the harder parts of being a young mom and also gave me a hobby. It's still the same for me today! I love that I have a place besides facebook to really record life digitally and also have a chance to share other things I love like fashion and home decor. Having a blog is like a public scrap book that can be for whatever you want and I've always admired other women for taking that passion and creating a career out of it. Blogging has exploded in the last 10 years but for me it's still a genuine space. Even though I follow 1,000 people on instagram I love to visit their blogs and get to know them better and see more of their passion. So many of them are fashion based but there are so many other incredible blogs out there with other focuses too.

A blog is a great creative outlet if you have a passion about ANYTHING. It can be photography, art, family, religion, fashion, makeup, even sports and politics. For me my blog has always been a place to share my creativity with zero strings attached and just an opportunity to work on something that gets me excited or just gives me a chance to do something creative after bedtime.

I have never blogged with the intent of gaining followers or trying to get people to admire me. I love to just put my thoughts out there and it's always such a reward when someone makes a nice comment or appreciates what I've shared. In the future I'd love to make blogging something that financially benefited my family, for sure.. but I always hope to be a place of genuine thoughts and real life opinions. I hope that if you're reading this or have followed my blog journey at all that you've found a little inspiration or feel like you've gotten to know me better. Blogs are such a great way to keep track of memories and to document things so I plan to do it for a long time!

Here are some photos from my first blog over 6 years ago!

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