the podie people: Valentines Treat + how we spend V Day

Valentines Treat + how we spend V Day

Monday, February 12, 2018

*heart skewers from dollar store, dishes from Marshalls, XO balloons from grocery store, calendar form Amazon

Dylan and I have never been too huge on Valentine's Day. I usually get stressed with the idea of a dinner out in the middle of the week, a babysitter, and the expectations of getting each other a gift even though everyone says "just make them something it's the thought that counts!" No thanks.

So for the last couple years our family has celebrated together. We have had dinner with our kids home or away and had some fun festive treats. A couple years ago the boys were napping and we had a home made surf and turf at home with my in laws and it's still one of our favorites to date! We sat at the formal dining table and it was so special. We look forward to a special home made meal now every year!

This year we plan to celebrate with the kids at home! We want to make it a holiday of love for our whole family so we will vote on what we want to bring home for dinner (probably heart shaped pizza even though Dylan wants to make us something special!) and then make special popcorn and brownies with sprinkles (love that you can throw sprinkles on anything to make it festive HA!) to cuddle up and watch a movie in the middle of the week and make it a holiday for our kids as well. One thing I love most about having my own family is making our own traditions and deciding what is important to us and just doing it.

This popcorn was so easy and would be the perfect treat on Valentines Day. I have yet to find the courage to make sugar cookies with the kids. I don't know why it seems so daunting and over whelming to me but I kind of dread the idea of cookie decorating right now. We did it during Christmas and the cookies were gone before they could finish decorating them and there was more icing on the table and their shirts than the cookies. I think I need to take a course on sugar cookie making and probably a chill pill. Better idea, I'll buy them!

Hope you and yours find a special way to celebrate love this week no matter how you spend it! Even if it's cheap popcorn and sprinkles. ;)

Directions: air pop the popcorn straight into bowl
melt white chocolate ghiradelli chips in a sandwich bag 30 seconds at a time
cut a small hole in corner of sandwich bag and drizzle all over popcorn
let kids add sprinkles and viola!
let cool so chocolate doesnt go everywhere (or don't) and enjoy!
*tip: add chocolate in layers (add more popcorn as you go) you don't want all the goodness just at the top of the bowl!