Tuesday, February 6, 2018

20 Week Bumpdate

 FYI this photo is highly filtered and taken after a fresh spray tan. Angles are everything people. 

I can't believe we are half way there!( Technically I am 22 weeks now) My belly has totally "popped" and I feel like I'm noticeably having a hard time rolling out of bed and picking things up now. I have always said the first half of pregnancy feels mostly internal and mental and then for me I hit the half way mark and it becomes all physical growth and waddling. (yay) I pretty much have always double in size from the 20 week mark to the end so we will see how I do this time around!

Cravings: Give me all the vinegar. I think I've made a pasta salad for lunch or dinner everyday for 2 weeks. I use a drizzle of olive oil and apple cider vinegar for the dressing with some seasoning and it hits the spot everytime! This is my first pregnancy I've had the true "pickles and ice cream" cravings and it's been pretty funny to see Dylan open the fridge and ask... "whose eating pickles??"

Sleep: I was having a hard time sleeping but my awesome midwife gave me a homeopathic and I started drinking a little powdered magnesium everyday and I'm sleeping straight through the night.

GENDER: We have our 20 week ultra sound in a week but we've decided to not find out the sex of the baby! I never felt like doing this with either of the boys so I'm really excited for this surprise. I'm usually such a planner and would get the worst anxiety not knowing but I'm at a good place in life and pregnancy and feeling really calm about the whole thing. I think it's probably because it's my 3rd time around and also because it truly doesn't matter for us anyway haha. All 3 kids will be semi sharing a room so there's no major nursery reveal and I'm so gender neutral on baby clothing and items as it is. I'm completely convinced it's a boy too - so I guess if it's a girl we can all freak out and get online ordering pink and bows right away!

Body: Stretch marks are showing in all their glory. I think when my tummy goes down in between pregnancies it's harder to see but dang as soon as my skin is a little stretched you can really see how many I have. It's something I used to feel a little self conscious of but considering their genetic and I got them even in my prime of life at 16 years old, I've learned to own it. No amount of water drinking or coconut oil has ever been able to prevent it for me and that's totally okay. Sometimes I forget just how many I have! I got more with my 2nd pregnancy so they're covering the top of my belly now too,  I wonder if i will get a lot more with this pregnancy or stay the same.

I bought my first maternity swim suit and I love it. It's really comfortable and flattering and I'm crossing my fingers I get to use it in the sun before the baby comes. HA! Right now it's saved for water aerobics which I am loving doing pregnant! It feels so good to get in the water and exercise with no gravity or extra weight to carry.

I am feeling the baby move and kick like crazy. You can barely feel it from the outside of the belly but it's been so exciting to pin point where baby is. It's kind of cheesy but sometimes I just put my hands on my belly and visualize sending love straight down to the baby as to say "hey babe, we love you already!" I feel like I have quite a ways to go but I know it goes so fast so I am really trying to enjoy my 2nd trimester while I'm sleeping, the bump isn't obnoxiously big and I'm feeling great.

The other day Krew helped me take some bump pics and bless his heart he can't help what he's working with, they turned out pretty awful. I think I may always need a spray tan and an entire photography crew to get a good shot at this point. I have never done weekly bump shots but have always taken more pics towards the end so I am trying to make a point of it this time especially since I'm over halfway through my pregnancy and really showing.