Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why I Started Blogging

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why I Started Blogging

This is a post I'm surprised I haven't written or shared yet! In this day and age where everyone has a blog or an instagram I think it can kind of be intimidating to share your creativity or something you want to do if you feel like you'll be lost in the crowd. For me that has been true the last 7 years but for some reason I keep coming back to it.

I have always genuinly enjoyed reading blogs. I love the depth that comes to a well thought-out post and the photos that go with it. Everything about a blog is personal, (even if you are getting paid.)
When I first started a blog right after Krew was born it was theraputic for me to have a creative outlet and somewhere to record my thoughts and photos. (I was able to look up these photos that are still active on my old site and holy throwback! So many emotions looking at the old school photos of baby Krew!!) It was such a hard time of life for Dylan and I but I am so glad I took the time to take these photos and try my best to make life sweet for our little babe. I took so much pride in styling our outfits and creating little posts that really helped take my mind off some of the harder parts of being a young mom and also gave me a hobby. It's still the same for me today! I love that I have a place besides facebook to really record life digitally and also have a chance to share other things I love like fashion and home decor. Having a blog is like a public scrap book that can be for whatever you want and I've always admired other women for taking that passion and creating a career out of it. Blogging has exploded in the last 10 years but for me it's still a genuine space. Even though I follow 1,000 people on instagram I love to visit their blogs and get to know them better and see more of their passion. So many of them are fashion based but there are so many other incredible blogs out there with other focuses too.

A blog is a great creative outlet if you have a passion about ANYTHING. It can be photography, art, family, religion, fashion, makeup, even sports and politics. For me my blog has always been a place to share my creativity with zero strings attached and just an opportunity to work on something that gets me excited or just gives me a chance to do something creative after bedtime.

I have never blogged with the intent of gaining followers or trying to get people to admire me. I love to just put my thoughts out there and it's always such a reward when someone makes a nice comment or appreciates what I've shared. In the future I'd love to make blogging something that financially benefited my family, for sure.. but I always hope to be a place of genuine thoughts and real life opinions. I hope that if you're reading this or have followed my blog journey at all that you've found a little inspiration or feel like you've gotten to know me better. Blogs are such a great way to keep track of memories and to document things so I plan to do it for a long time!

Here are some photos from my first blog over 6 years ago!

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Friday, February 23, 2018


Friday, February 23, 2018


  • Self care is important and I love myself enough to take care of my mind and body 
  • I choose to fulfill my mom duties with love and not resentment 
  • I am just the mother that my children need
  • It is okay to take a break 
  • I know my limits as a person and I respect them 
  • It’s okay to say no to things that don’t work for my family 
  • I choose not to yell to get my way or scare my children into doing what I want them to do 
  • No mom in the world can do it all and neither can I! 
  • I will allow others to help me and I will accept and consider the help of others 
  • I will know and respect my children’s boundaries and not feel ashamed that they are different from other families 
  • What I see on Instagram is a representation of people’s hard work and effort to create beautiful imagines and is not always reality 
  • I honor my body and mind so I will get enough sleep at night and not resent myself when I don’t 
  • I will see each morning with my children as an opportunity for a brand new day and forgive myself of my past imperfections 
  • I will never compare my children to other children 
  • I will not feel like less of a mother If I need or choose to work outside of the home 
  • I will honor my children’s personalities the way they need to be honored and respected - not the way that I need to be.
  • I will not feel guilt for having more/less children than people think I should 
  • I will love my body and have a healthy relationship with physical activity and food 
  • I will model self respect and love for my children and will not talk bad about myself or others in front of them 
  • I will choose love, happiness, and patience everyday. 

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How I don't spend a fortune on kid's clothes + where I shop

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How I don't spend a fortune on kid's clothes + where I shop

 Boys shirts are Walmart, Leggings are girls section Target, Jeans are H&M, Shoes are both Vans

Head to toe target (white shirt thrifted)

Dressing boys can be tricky if you are picky about your style. Personally I feel like girls have so many more options and "cute" things so dressing boys you have to kind of get creative. Most boy clothing is cheesy or ill fitting. Boys are slender too! Why are their jeans still cut like a box? beats me. Anyways, I want my boys to look cute but also be as comfortable as possible while they are playing. I also don't like to spend a fortune because they ruin everything playing and grow out of it like crazy. I know you feel me there.

Must have items in my boys' closets:
Slim fitted jeans:
I always look for the stretchiest and skinniest fit. When they're little I even buy girl's jeggings! They are so much more comfortable for them to play in. My favorites are from Gap and H&M
Cargo Shorts: 
you can thrift these literally anywhere. I always buy used in the summer! Brands like Gap for shorts hold up really well and are always being donated.
Fitted Sweats:
Target is really good about their styles now- you can find really affordable ones here. The more fashionable ones I always find at H&M with zippers or knee patches. I don't buy these thrifted I like my sweats new! They don't last long in our house and we replace them a lot.
Henley t-shirts:
These are hard to thrift sometimes but I can always find these online at Gap and Old Navy. I always stick to tan, grey, white, blue, navy, black and stripes. We live in good basics!
Flannel Shirts:
These are a great thrift option as well! I can always find a good soft broken in flannel at a consignment store. Target and Gap always have these but they hold up well and can be thrifted and I kind of like them worn in anyways.
Solid Basic Tees:
I always go cheap for basic tee's since they usually get stained, ruined or put under longsleeves. You can get these anywhere and sometimes I even go to Walmart! I usually don't buy t-shirts thrifted. I find they are over priced and I can get new shirts for the same price and better fit.
Hats and Beanies:
I like to buy these new but you can find so many cute ones online. I like them over sized on my kids and always pass them down to Dash. Sometimes Krew even wears our beanies and they look so cute on him. Always check Amazon! I wish I had a girl to throw a pom pom beanie on.
Cargo Jacket:
These are expensive. My favorite are from Gap or Zara but I have a thrifted one I got 6 years ago and Dash still wears it. It's so cute, fleece lined and is really warm. It matches everything.
Jean Jacket:
The best for summer nights or over the top a hoodie! Always buy these thrifted they are so over priced at retail value. There's really not a "bad" jean jacket out there. Cutest ones I've found are also at Gap.
Winter Jacket: 
I got Krew 2 down north faces from a consignment store and they hold up so great. You can't even tell they were used and he always looks appropriately dressed for school and I know he stays warm. I will use these until they're torn up or lost! Target's always go on major clearance after winter so I buy for the next season there too.
Zip up Jackets: 
I only buy solid colored zip up sweat shirts. I got one for Krew from American Apparel and it's still my favorite to put Dash in. They are out of business so now I get them at H&M. (link below)
Easiest thing to throw on a kid! We collected so many over the years from sports, traveling, vacations, and gifts that I usually save these for special occasions. I love their Disneyland hoodies or one with cute graphics from Zara and H&M.
one item I usually never buy used unless they are in perfect condition. My kids play hard and I like their shoes to hold up so I will usually buy name brand and pass down to the next kid. Plus My kids wear a lot of basics and affordable clothing so I always make their outfit look more put together and name brand by putting them in Nikes or Vans.

There are a few items I will "splurge" on or at least thrift for the name brand. I like to get good use out of their jackets and shoes. So far I have kept EVERYTHING of Krew's and all his nice things have lasted years and been passed down to Dash. Before I go shopping for the boy's I always do inventory of their closets. Anything that doesn't fit gets put in a bin and saved to be passed down or thrifted. I like to make sure they have 2 pairs of everything for a full wardrobe! Being boys they wear a lot of the same variation of outfits and don't need a lot of accessories so it's easy to keep their closet simple and neutral. Some of my favorites include:

(click for link)

Dash's shirt is thrifted, leggings are old Etsy, Moccasins are FreshlyPicked | Krew's Shirt I made, cargo pants are Target, Shoes are Native 

Where are your favorite places to shop for kid's clothes? Are you more of a spender or a saver when it comes to your kid's clothes? Send me a DM (@daphnepodolak) of more ideas or comment below!
I plan to update this whenever I find new favorites so I'll share this again when we get closer to Summer. 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentines Treat + how we spend V Day

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentines Treat + how we spend V Day

*heart skewers from dollar store, dishes from Marshalls, XO balloons from grocery store, calendar form Amazon

Dylan and I have never been too huge on Valentine's Day. I usually get stressed with the idea of a dinner out in the middle of the week, a babysitter, and the expectations of getting each other a gift even though everyone says "just make them something it's the thought that counts!" No thanks.

So for the last couple years our family has celebrated together. We have had dinner with our kids home or away and had some fun festive treats. A couple years ago the boys were napping and we had a home made surf and turf at home with my in laws and it's still one of our favorites to date! We sat at the formal dining table and it was so special. We look forward to a special home made meal now every year!

This year we plan to celebrate with the kids at home! We want to make it a holiday of love for our whole family so we will vote on what we want to bring home for dinner (probably heart shaped pizza even though Dylan wants to make us something special!) and then make special popcorn and brownies with sprinkles (love that you can throw sprinkles on anything to make it festive HA!) to cuddle up and watch a movie in the middle of the week and make it a holiday for our kids as well. One thing I love most about having my own family is making our own traditions and deciding what is important to us and just doing it.

This popcorn was so easy and would be the perfect treat on Valentines Day. I have yet to find the courage to make sugar cookies with the kids. I don't know why it seems so daunting and over whelming to me but I kind of dread the idea of cookie decorating right now. We did it during Christmas and the cookies were gone before they could finish decorating them and there was more icing on the table and their shirts than the cookies. I think I need to take a course on sugar cookie making and probably a chill pill. Better idea, I'll buy them!

Hope you and yours find a special way to celebrate love this week no matter how you spend it! Even if it's cheap popcorn and sprinkles. ;)

Directions: air pop the popcorn straight into bowl
melt white chocolate ghiradelli chips in a sandwich bag 30 seconds at a time
cut a small hole in corner of sandwich bag and drizzle all over popcorn
let kids add sprinkles and viola!
let cool so chocolate doesnt go everywhere (or don't) and enjoy!
*tip: add chocolate in layers (add more popcorn as you go) you don't want all the goodness just at the top of the bowl!

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spring Style // Amazon Prime Edition

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spring Style // Amazon Prime Edition

shoes // jacket // romper // polish // hat // shades

Being the only girl in my house I feel like I can't get enough blush! We dress pretty neutral and of course the only color is usually shades of blue so I love to spice up my own closet with some pops of pink here and there. Spring is the funnest time to start incorporating a little color into your wardrobe! Literally all of this is in my cart right now so hopefully you don't beat me to it! Amazon prime for the win! whoop whoop.
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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

20 Week Bumpdate

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

20 Week Bumpdate

 FYI this photo is highly filtered and taken after a fresh spray tan. Angles are everything people. 

I can't believe we are half way there!( Technically I am 22 weeks now) My belly has totally "popped" and I feel like I'm noticeably having a hard time rolling out of bed and picking things up now. I have always said the first half of pregnancy feels mostly internal and mental and then for me I hit the half way mark and it becomes all physical growth and waddling. (yay) I pretty much have always double in size from the 20 week mark to the end so we will see how I do this time around!

Cravings: Give me all the vinegar. I think I've made a pasta salad for lunch or dinner everyday for 2 weeks. I use a drizzle of olive oil and apple cider vinegar for the dressing with some seasoning and it hits the spot everytime! This is my first pregnancy I've had the true "pickles and ice cream" cravings and it's been pretty funny to see Dylan open the fridge and ask... "whose eating pickles??"

Sleep: I was having a hard time sleeping but my awesome midwife gave me a homeopathic and I started drinking a little powdered magnesium everyday and I'm sleeping straight through the night.

GENDER: We have our 20 week ultra sound in a week but we've decided to not find out the sex of the baby! I never felt like doing this with either of the boys so I'm really excited for this surprise. I'm usually such a planner and would get the worst anxiety not knowing but I'm at a good place in life and pregnancy and feeling really calm about the whole thing. I think it's probably because it's my 3rd time around and also because it truly doesn't matter for us anyway haha. All 3 kids will be semi sharing a room so there's no major nursery reveal and I'm so gender neutral on baby clothing and items as it is. I'm completely convinced it's a boy too - so I guess if it's a girl we can all freak out and get online ordering pink and bows right away!

Body: Stretch marks are showing in all their glory. I think when my tummy goes down in between pregnancies it's harder to see but dang as soon as my skin is a little stretched you can really see how many I have. It's something I used to feel a little self conscious of but considering their genetic and I got them even in my prime of life at 16 years old, I've learned to own it. No amount of water drinking or coconut oil has ever been able to prevent it for me and that's totally okay. Sometimes I forget just how many I have! I got more with my 2nd pregnancy so they're covering the top of my belly now too,  I wonder if i will get a lot more with this pregnancy or stay the same.

I bought my first maternity swim suit and I love it. It's really comfortable and flattering and I'm crossing my fingers I get to use it in the sun before the baby comes. HA! Right now it's saved for water aerobics which I am loving doing pregnant! It feels so good to get in the water and exercise with no gravity or extra weight to carry.

I am feeling the baby move and kick like crazy. You can barely feel it from the outside of the belly but it's been so exciting to pin point where baby is. It's kind of cheesy but sometimes I just put my hands on my belly and visualize sending love straight down to the baby as to say "hey babe, we love you already!" I feel like I have quite a ways to go but I know it goes so fast so I am really trying to enjoy my 2nd trimester while I'm sleeping, the bump isn't obnoxiously big and I'm feeling great.

The other day Krew helped me take some bump pics and bless his heart he can't help what he's working with, they turned out pretty awful. I think I may always need a spray tan and an entire photography crew to get a good shot at this point. I have never done weekly bump shots but have always taken more pics towards the end so I am trying to make a point of it this time especially since I'm over halfway through my pregnancy and really showing.

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