the podie people: Pinspiration (Home Edition)

Pinspiration (Home Edition)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

We've all done it. Countless hours of scrolling the columns of pinterest, the endless pit of realizing EVERYTHING we are sucking at in life. I can't tell you the times I've deleted the app off my phone only to get on my computer and realize, okay I need some pinspiration for this project. It's a love-hate relationship but what I've come to recognize more than anything is that when we put it in it's place for what it is, it's easier to look at. When you're at a good place in your own life and truly find gratitude for the things you do have it's a little easier to look at the things others have and be happy for them. I've taken many breaks and put distance between myself and the picture perfect images online but HEY, it's also okay to recognize and appreciate people's hard work and often times be inspired by it!

That being said, here's a few things I've come back to a few times and feel like sharing.
Right now we're renting a small space so I tuck these in my back pocket for that "future home". Although we know how that goes haha it will probably be out of style.

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