the podie people: Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday, January 12, 2018

Anything and Everything from ASOS MATERNITY
I absolutely love all their stuff, and it's affordable. I qualified for 2 day shipping and couldn't be happier the day my package arrived. I like to be realistic with my maternity clothes. They have to be something I will wear for years, simple, comfortable and what I really need. I got my first maternity swimsuit , a few dresses for church that double as nursing friendly for after baby, and a few pairs of leggings.

starting the new year off right! Getting our family organized and clearing a desk space for work, school, scheduling, and clear thinking.. I also spent a few days taking things to consignment and donations clearing out the clutter and "extra stuff" it feels so good to simplify and say goodbye to things taking up space without purpose. (I got a big desk calendar in the dollar section at Target)

Vanilla Protein Powder from Costco
blending with frozen fruit, spinach, peanut butter, and whatever milk we have. We all get our greens in and kids think they get a milkshake. win win. I even have this for dinner sometimes when I have no appetite for dinner. This has been often this pregnancy.

Newwww Booootss
It's been a couple years since I got new booties and I am so dang excited for these ones I just got in the mail. on sale at Nordstrom HERE

Ordering THIS book
I am so into parenting books right now. Specifically anything that has to do with your children be individuals that you help guide, not control. Using encouragement rather than manipulation or threats, and more LOVE in all areas. This is working wonders in our home and stretching me so much but in the best way. This book focuses on how to love your kids the way they want to receive it.

Just got THIS cart for babies things
We live in a small space so everything in our house has to serve a purpose and be functional. I have a feeling this will start as a bed side nursing station full of breast pads and diapers, then transition into clothes and shoes as baby grows. Needless to say, great way to spend $25 this week in my opinion!
(They also sell these at Ikea)