the podie people: 2017 RECAP + 2018 GOALS

2017 RECAP + 2018 GOALS

Monday, January 1, 2018

2 0 1 7 Quick Recap!

Krew: Started Kindergarten, turned SIX years old, played Tball, swimming lessons, and is now reading at home with us! We are so proud of him and he has thrived in school. I love hearing about his friends at school and going to volunteer in his class. I'm soaking up these years where he still thinks it's cool for me to come eat lunch with him and pick him up everyday. It has been such a fun time as a mom for me and so bittersweet to watch him start growing up but I just feel so lucky and my heart knows he was always born to be our oldest and leader of our kiddos.
2018 Goal: Learn to ride his bike, start first grade, and start soccer or basketball!

Dash: turned 2 years old this summer! He got to go on his first visit to Disneyland and it was the best. I can't wait to take him next year when he's a little older! He keeps our family on our toes at all time and loves to play with Krew and Dad. He's home alone a lot with me so I have tried keeping him busy this year by taking him to play with friends and out to run errands. He still is a great napper and just this winter started Speech Therapy at home so we are really hopeful he will make great strides in the next 6 months. He has so much to say it's mostly jibberish and so cute. He can ALWAYS be seen with blankie in one hand and a snack or toy in the other and loves building legos and doing puzzles. He will be home with me for at least another year or more so I am loving having him with me all the time, it will be interesting how he handles the new baby!
2018 Goal: Get POTTY TRAINED. Make strides in speech therapy, not hurt his new sibling. 

Dylan: Got on FULL time at his job, he was full time seasonal before so it has really helped with stability and consistency in our family. He played rec basketball this year, turned 24, took a trip to Kansas City to watch football with his cousin and brother, and is now going back to school after the new year. ALL online, wish him luck! It will be a year of hard work and determination ahead for him but we are so proud of him for getting back to school and doing it to help our family. We are praying it puts our family in the right direction for our future.
2018 Goal: Work hard in school! Get back to a workout routine. 

Me: Simplified my life! I quit my part time job, enjoyed vacations, turned 23 years old and forgot my age a few times. I grew friendships and spent time with lots of moms and friends who make me feel good. I put distance in unhealthy things in my life and enjoyed wayyyy to much late night Netflix after the kids went to bed. I gained a few hair clients (and lbs) and enjoyed doing home hair on the side. Worked out in a mom's fit club and found a new obsession for reading and podcasts. Started and closed an Etsy shop, started my blog and got pregnant with our 3rd baby!
2018 Goal: Blog consistently, join an exercise class, continue to work on self love + being a patient and calm mama. 

2017 was a year of slowing down and and spending a lot of time together as a family. We went on lots of family trips and took a break from juggling schedules and major goals to just be together and to get a consistent routine. Watching our boys grow this year has been the best and ending the year with a new pregnancy was the perfect way to look forward to next year! Dylan and I sat down on New Year's Day and each wrote down a few goals we had for ourselves and our family for 2018. They were simple and to the point but I really wanted to make sure I felt like mine were achievable and something I wanted for myself. Some were as simple as read more books, and some more complicated like for Dylan, PASS COLLEGE CLASSES. HA. That by far will be our biggest challenge of 2018, getting Dylan through school while he works full time and we welcome our 3rd child in the summer. I know at this time my place is supporting him and being the backbone at home so I want to make sure in this next year I am also taking care of myself as well and learning more than ever to eliminate doubt, comparison, worry, and stress. In our years growing together I have learned that life has so many different seasons. Seasons of hard work and success, seasons of barely making it through, seasons of simplicity, seasons of heart ache and seasons of JOY.  I'm trying my hardest to embrace it all and accept it for what it is and be grateful for this journey and these people I get to share it with. These years having babies and living a simple life getting my husband through work and school will pay off and I know it in my heart we have great things ahead for us so right now I am dedicated to soaking up these moments while they are little. I can't believe how quickly it passes and I never want to forget what it's like to have little boys welcoming a new sibling into the world or feeling kicks on my belly. I know my years of bed time stories, bunk bed forts, preschool pick up, play dates, kisses, cuddles, and holding them while they fall asleep are numbered. No matter how life looks I never get these years back so the most important thing for 2018 is embracing life and making the most of it everyday for our littles and ourselves. Here's to another year of growth and memories! Excited for a refreshing new year, welcome 2018!