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Life Lately

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Life lately has consisted of a toddler who suddenly is nap regressing at a time where I desperately need him to nap.

Celebrating Krew and I's birthdays, then HALLOWEEN! We love October in this fam.

Dash refusing to wear a costume and Krew changing his mind approx. 6 times before deciding on skeleton storm trooper.

Trying to keep up with the flow of papers coming home from Kindergarten every. Single. Day. Get me a recycle bin labeled school papers ASAP.

Feeling sooo behind on to dos and things I need to get done but feeling grateful for the slow going life right now.

Trying to spend less time online and genuinely not even feeling the stress of keeping up with everyone else.

Visiting my great grandpa in pullman and taking a 5 generation picture.

Not buying new costumes and just rolling with what we have and having happy kids anyways. Win! 

Pumpkin patch field trips and visits with family! My favorite fall activity.

Watching stranger things and parenthood on the daily! Obviously I’m into tv right now.

Slowly getting back into my routine of walking.

Going on a sushi date with just my mom and little sister in the middle of the week. Much needed! 

Getting to eat lunch with Krew through out the week and volunteering in his class! #forevermemories #neverforgetthis

Working on new opportunities and a place to do more hair! 

Loving every minute its not raining here. The leaves are ah-ma-zing.

Putting the kids Halloween candy in the oven to hide it. Forgetting about it, then turning the oven on........

Taking advantage of every day with these kiddos. They're so exhausting but I keep reminding myself, THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS

*Another costume at one point when he came home and insisted I wrap him in TP. 

We've had a great start to fall and are so excited for Thanksgiving! It's Dylan's favorite holiday and quickly becoming mine. Hope you all have had a chance to get some things checked off your bucket list this fall and had a spooky Halloween with your loved ones!