Monday, November 20, 2017

A Day in the Life

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Day in the Life

One of my favorite bloggers ( and @henandco) has done this blog
post a couple times and I love it so much!

Right now with me at home with the kids, our days are far less chaotic than they used to be. I have taken a verrrry long break from school and work since having Dash. Sometimes it's the best decision I ever made, some of the time I wish badly I had extra income and a place to get dressed up for. Everyday is appreciated and has it's unique set of challenges and blessings.

I have been a full time working mom, a mom in school, a mom that works weekends, a mom that works evenings, and now a mom that doesn't work at all. I have to say that a happy medium is a real IDEAL thing but by far being a SAHM mom is the most exhausting and rewarding! I am so so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had as a mother and to share what life looks like at every stage. Right now life looks like...

I wake up at 7:30. My kids are great sleepers so I am easily able to get up before them if I make the effort. Not going to lie I stay up late a lot of the time trying to relax, unwind, and get a few things done for myself so often mornings come quickly. I try to make my coffee, bed and throw myself together before the kids wake up but usually I stay in pajamas. I also always start a load of laundry or two to be folded at nap time.

I wake the kids up around 7:45 and Dash immediately walks to the kitchen table for breakfast. Krew is less of a morning guy so I lay out his clothes for him and he gets ready for school and watches a show. He prefers to grab a banana or bagel for breakfast on the way to school so usually it's just Dash and I eating in the morning. I love toast and hard boiled eggs for convenience but Dash would eat cereal for every meal if I let him.

While kids watch cartoons or play I get Krew's backpack ready, make sure theres nothing that needs to be sent to school and either pack his lunch or snack depending on if he wants to buy lunch that day. I always saw myself as a mom that only made home lunches but I've decided it's more about what makes the kids happy and truthfully I am really impressed with the school lunch menu so I happily let him decide which he wants that day and it's working out great!

We are out the door by 8:45 every morning to take Krew to school. Usually after asking kids to put their shoes on 988763 times. (You all know about that.) If I have errands to run that day Dash and I are both dressed and ready to go as well. Often times it's just errands and grocery store but on special days I'll go shopping or to play with friends. Whenever a schedule matches up with a friend is a great day for us!  Dash is not much of an errand runner so I try to make those trips short and sweet and be home by 11:30am, NOON at latest.

(*noticed after I uploaded this that Dash is crying and wanting Krew to let get go of the cart haha)

By 12:00pm Dash and I have lunch together and on the days I am not busy we go have lunch with Krew at his school. It's something I love to do and hope I can look back on one day as some of my favorite memories of having littles. He still is so proud and happy when Dash and I come to visit him and I never want to forget him wanting me around and being proud to share his friends and life with me. He is very social and we always have so much fun visiting his class and meeting his little friends.

Dash is a regular napper so I always make sure I am home by 12:30 to get him down. He will nap for 3 hours so he sleeps right up until the time I  go get Krew from school. During nap time I am always cleaning house, doing laundry, paying bills, working on a blog post or etsy order and eating my lunch in peace! Obviously if there is laundry folding, Netflix will be involved and I am unashamed of that hour of peace.

At 3:30 Dash and I get in the car to go get Krew then we are home shortly after that. I like to ask Krew about his day and find something that made him happy or the best part of his day as we drive home. Sometimes we stop for a coffee and the boys get a little treat.
After we get home Dad walks in the door around 4:15 everyday. The boys get to watch a show while I start dinner and Dylan cleans up from work. We usually try to go for a walk or do something as a family at this time before dinner. The boys love their daddy so I usually rely on him to entertain them while I cook.

We try to eat dinner everyday before 6:00. I'm a huge fan of the crockpot but on days I didn't prepare- dinner usually looks like pasta, tacos, or left overs. Sometimes we do breakfast for dinner too which is always a hit and so easy to whip up! I recently made my first casserole, shocking I know. Not sure why I never have before but I'm all about comfort food in the winter so "healthy" takes a backseat.

Our family lives really close to us, so if the weather is bad and we are cooped up inside we will run over to a grandparents house to say hi or catch a football game after the boys have gotten in jammies. But most nights we stay home, watch a movie and start our bed time routine. Although Krew has been wanting to start swimming lessons again so we might be busy doing that in the evening a couple days a week! (It's an indoor pool and great for the winter months when it's cold outside!)

After dinner around 7:00 -one of us loads up the dishwasher while the other starts bedtime routine or straightens up the house a bit. I try to always run the dishwasher at night so we have clean dishes in the morning and always start laundry in the morning so I never forget a load in the washer or dryer at the end of the day. I usually don't start any loads of laundry after Krew gets home from school because I'm bound to forget or be lazy. And I fold laundry while kids are in the bath or we are watching a movie together.

The bed time hours are kind of a whirl (7-830). The boys still bathe together and have always gone to bed together at the same time too ( they share a room) but recently I have been putting Dash down 15 min earlier so that we can have some time to read one on one with Krew. It's really helped with his reading and I think it's just the amount of special time he needs at the end of the day without crazy little brother attacking him and taking most of our time and attention. It helps us all settle down and get ready or bed.

By 8:30 both boys are in bed, lights out, no exceptions. Ha, except for a million drinks of water. Dylan and I always watch a little tv or "our show" together before bed. We both really value some quiet time at the end of the day before the kids go to bed. We are pretty fried from bed time so there's usually not a lot of important conversation but just having that time together is always a necessity. I usually stay up a little later than Dylan depending on if I am working on something or just need some extra mom time but have really tried to make a habit of going to bed earlier lately. Anything before 11:00 is my goal!

A lot of the time our days are even simpler and more boring than this but sometimes they are way more chaotic and crazy. I think that routine is such a healthy thing for people in general but especially littles so we really try to stick to that. I know in the next year our lives and schedule with change again so much so it's always nice to be able to look back on a post like this and see how our daily life went and the things that mattered the most to me in a day.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gift Guide (gifts for your parents)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Gift Guide (gifts for your parents)

If you're anything like me you have always waited till the last minute to shop! When it comes to your significant other or children you probably already know what they want or have an idea of what to get them. For me, shopping for my parents has always been the hardest! It seems like they have everything they already want or need and nothing I can afford will make a huge impact in their life. I wish I could buy them a cruise or a vacation but the likely hood is rather that they will be helping to take us some where haha. Sooo with that being said I put together a small little list and a few ideas of things to get the PARENTS in your life!

  • Electronics: that make their life easier! My in laws absolutely love their "Alexa" Echo. It's so fun visiting because the kids can request songs and dance in the living room. Can't wait to say "Alexa play Christmas music" come Thanksgiving at their house this year. 
  • Chatbooks: A great idea for grandparents! Most people don't print pictures anymore and rely on Facebook to see their family. Having a tangible book for the coffee table or somewhere in their home to look back at see pictures of their family and grandkids is such a fun idea and something they will keep forever! 
  • Journal or Book: another great idea for a grandparent! My mom got me "my quotable kid" and it's hilarious to read the things the kids have said over the years as they start talking more and developing a unique personality. This would be fun to fill out together when you are visiting them!
  • Personalized ANYTHING: having a coffee mug, wine glass, pillow case, cutting board or anything for that matter, personalized is such a fun and genuine gift. It can be something really small too and they will appreciate the time it took to get it custom for them. You can have this done online or at the mall!
  • Digital photoframe: If your parents like to travel it's a great idea to get all of their photos uploaded to a digital photo frame so they can constantly have their photos on a slide show and whenever they enter a room they can sit and watch.  You can always add photos or change the photos on the slide too! My grandparents love having this in their home and it's fun to see where they have traveled.
  • Date night gift box: This is one of the most recommended gifts I got when I asked on Instagram what people would get their parents. This is such a great idea to get your parents a little night out on you. You can include snacks and tickets to a movie, a bottle of wine and gift card to their favorite restaurant or maybe even a new board game to play at home. Depending on what your parents like, make it personal for them! It's a really affordable way to show them that you care and wanted to get them something special for all they do for you. 
  • Service: not something I can add a photo of but one of the most important gifts there is. Our parents always help us out whenever we need it and we are so grateful for them watching our boys, feeding us dinner and giving us a place to hang out when we need to get out of the house. We love spending time with them and so helping whenever we can goes a long way. Offer to put lights up on their house, mow the lawn, make dinner for them one night or anything else! Dylan helps his dad in his lawn most weekends and we always have Sunday dinner with them. My parents are a lot busier and so I like to offer to clean their house or take my sister places if they are working. 

Happy Holidays and shopping! Remember  you can do something on any budget so get creative and put a little effort into it ahead of time so you aren't scrambling the week of Christmas to get people gift cards! (Which is also a decent gift too haha)

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Monday, November 13, 2017

How we use Essential Oils daily

Monday, November 13, 2017

How we use Essential Oils daily

I exclusively use doTERRA essential oils and am a proud wellness advocate! If you are interested in using oils in your home please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you start your journey in anyway you feel comfortable. doTERRA offers so many benefits including earning income from home, if you would like to join my team and become an EO expert click HERE.
Everyday I diffuse in my kitchen. It's the center of our home and where I pass through the most and I just love getting a lift of energy and knowing its acting as an air purifier. I always use citrus oils ( orange, lemon) in the kitchen to make it smell clean + fresh but in the fall months especially I turn to blends with cinnamon + evergreen and clove.

I use a couple drops of lavender in the kids' bath whenever I feel they're having a hard time winding down for the day or have been fighting. A few drops goes a long way + acts as a mini spa bath for them. Lavender diluted is amazing for soothing irritated skin including itchiness and sunburns.

My kids are great sleepers and always sleep through the night but on the occasion that they don't or bedime has come earlier I diffuse cedarwood + lavender. Knocks them straight out!

 My husband and I have sensitive tummies and whenever we eat something that doesn't sit right with us we turn to Doterra's "Digestzen" blend. It's the best. The smell is harsh and a little unpleasant so I highly recommend getting this in gel capsule form! But topically on the stomach works just as good. Don't plan on leaving the house though it's strong.

 The boys just woke up with a cough today + tonight I'll be diluting a drop of "breathe"  from Doterra with coconut oil and rubbing it on their chest and neck for a little relief or diffusing it. It acts like Vicks but is less abrasive. I've recently read things on Vicks that make me steer clear from it for kids but its personal choice! 

The other night my girlfriend hosted a little craft night where we made scrubs + lotions with oils! She helped me make a blend of eucalyptus, cinnamon + lemon. It's my favorite right now. It was coconut oil, vitamin E and oils. I have been using it after I get out of the shower everyday! 

Cooking! 1 drop of black pepper, lemon, lime or any other oil goes so far and will really enhance your food. I love to cook salmon wrapped in tinfoil with 1 drop lemon and a slice butter on top. Perfect flavor! 

You can make your own house cleaning supplies as well! "Onguard" from Doterra is an amazing blend for cleaning and preventing illness. I diffuse it all the time during cold + flu season and it has replaced the household products I used to buy religiously at Target and the grocery store. No more toxic chemicals!
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Life Lately

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately has consisted of a toddler who suddenly is nap regressing at a time where I desperately need him to nap.

Celebrating Krew and I's birthdays, then HALLOWEEN! We love October in this fam.

Dash refusing to wear a costume and Krew changing his mind approx. 6 times before deciding on skeleton storm trooper.

Trying to keep up with the flow of papers coming home from Kindergarten every. Single. Day. Get me a recycle bin labeled school papers ASAP.

Feeling sooo behind on to dos and things I need to get done but feeling grateful for the slow going life right now.

Trying to spend less time online and genuinely not even feeling the stress of keeping up with everyone else.

Visiting my great grandpa in pullman and taking a 5 generation picture.

Not buying new costumes and just rolling with what we have and having happy kids anyways. Win! 

Pumpkin patch field trips and visits with family! My favorite fall activity.

Watching stranger things and parenthood on the daily! Obviously I’m into tv right now.

Slowly getting back into my routine of walking.

Going on a sushi date with just my mom and little sister in the middle of the week. Much needed! 

Getting to eat lunch with Krew through out the week and volunteering in his class! #forevermemories #neverforgetthis

Working on new opportunities and a place to do more hair! 

Loving every minute its not raining here. The leaves are ah-ma-zing.

Putting the kids Halloween candy in the oven to hide it. Forgetting about it, then turning the oven on........

Taking advantage of every day with these kiddos. They're so exhausting but I keep reminding myself, THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS

*Another costume at one point when he came home and insisted I wrap him in TP. 

We've had a great start to fall and are so excited for Thanksgiving! It's Dylan's favorite holiday and quickly becoming mine. Hope you all have had a chance to get some things checked off your bucket list this fall and had a spooky Halloween with your loved ones!

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