the podie people: October 2017

5 Podcasts you need in your life

Thursday, October 19, 2017

1. The school of Greatness
Currently my favorite! I don't think there's an episode I haven't shown interest towards at this point. I listed to his episode "Conscious parenting" with Dr. Shefali Tsabary and it stuck with me good. I loved everything about it and felt a connection with the idea of parenting she shared. It aligns so much with how I feel about about a parent in general and I wanted to share it with all my mama friends immediately.

2. Pursuit with Purpose
This is such an inspiration for women pursing their goals and dreams. This one always reminds me that I'm not unique in my struggles. We all have a story! I love hearing the stories of other women who started with an idea or a dream and just went for it. There's just so much more to "success" than getting lucky and making money. It's a spiritual and internal growth journey. We all need to be reminded that it takes the right mindset as well as support FOR and OF others to truly grow and thrive.

3. Awesome with Alison
Oh man I just love Alison. I've followed her since the OG days of Instagram and she's for sure a #MOMBOSS. Her and husband work together to create a podcast that is honestly filled from beginning to end with laughter and inspiration. They're a real family doing real things and kicking ass at it. I love how unapologetic she is about who she is and encouraging that in others. "Only you can be you, and you're already as awesome as you need to be."

4. Oprah Super Soul Sunday
If there someone inspiring you need to know about you'll find it here. My favorite was her talk with Brene Brown. Go look it up now! It's Oprah so you know its the best of the best.

5. The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo
This gives me such a healthy perspective on life. I love how teaches you to realize that every single thing that you think or perceive is just a thought process. You can literally CHOOSE to have any thought about a situation that you want. It's so easy to see everything that effects us as something out of our control but in reality we have all the control in the world to choose how we react and what we do with our life. If you need to get rid of excuses listen to this!

*Note all of these are FREE! Use the free podcast app on iPhone and subscribe to your favorite ones!

Cheap and Easy Fall Decor

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blow up balloons and buy dollar bin bowls from target!

Use free printables online and kid's artwork

Check out Halloween books from the library and display them on shelves

Reuse fall decor every year (save those plastic pumpkins)

Use a paper garland or make your own! You can use string and paper to make a darling little banner to string across a fire mantel or bookshelf.

Pull out all your warm blankets and bring the outdoors inside (pumpkins, leaves and squash) and place them around the house wherever you need a little festivity.
Bonus points if you grew them yourself. ;)

Burn a candle or diffuse fall scented oils to finish off that fall feel!

DIY Family Photos

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

If you're confused at the title of this post, its okay I am too. I mean who does their own family photos and then doesn't even get the whole family in them?! Haha jokes aside it was such a spur of the moment throw something on let's go for a drive down the road and take some pics at sunset. I absolutely think I need to invest in a tripod so we can get our whole family in more shots without having to call a friend but it was our first time attempting to take some photos for us! I kind of meant it as test run but I think they turned out pretty cute thanks to Mac photo editing and a decent lens.Hey we may just do our Christmas card photo too! 
DIY hasn't come very naturally to me but I  think that this time of life where our days are busy and our budget very small it has taught me so much about minimalizing the way we live and teaching myself to do things on my own. I struggle so much with the balance of it everyday but sincerely I thank God for pushing me in the areas he knows I need the most work. It has always been hard for me to see others who may seem to have more or be happier than me. But the feeling when you finally earn something or over come an obstacle and come out on top makes it 100x more rewarding.  It may seem cliche but now more than ever I am learning that true happiness has to be created in our own minds and hearts. I've often fell into the trap of thinking "oh I'd be happy if I could afford that too." or "Yeah when we have money then I'll be able to do it easier!" But that mindset is a toxic trap that is hard to get out of. I can openly admit I have cried over thinking our life should look a certain way or compared it to my peers, feeling sorry for myself. But through the process of learning to love myself right where I am and who I am ---I am learning that our thoughts absolutely manifest into our reality. When we truly feel at peace with our life and who we are we can start to live a more fulfilled life and the abundance and reward of that will follow. If you can't be happy without something, its unlikely you'll ever be able to achieve happiness with that thing.  
Sorry to get sappy!  But I hope anyone reading this who may think we look so happy or it seems so easy knows that we have had our share of heart break and tears. And guess what, we still do! No matter what it appears someone has remind yourself, they have a story and it may be different than yours but yours is the only one you get to write. So choose love, choose to see your trials ( yes like having $20 to your name) as a challenge of spiritual and mental growth. YOU GOT THIS. And if you ever want to take your own photos don't be afraid to try! Document this time of life and find strength in your trials and faith in your discouragement.