the podie people: Cannon Beach 2017

Cannon Beach 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Every year we go to Cannon Beach with Dylan's parents and it is always the perfect little getaway. I always laugh because it's one of the most relaxing places ever but of course we're always entertaining the kiddos so the real relaxing is the brief hours in the day during nap time and after they go to bed.

We are so fortunate to have good family surrounding us that always makes it possible for us to join them on little vacations and we love it so much. Our kids are so blessed to have the most loving grandparents that would do ANYTHING for them. It makes it harder on us parents sometimes as they are always sneaking desserts and toys but I know our kids will forever have these memories and be grateful for the close relationship they had with their grandparents on both sides. The older I get the more I truly cherish family memories and traditions. I hope our kids look back on these trips and have fond memories and do the same with their own children. It's what life all about!

 We flip flop where we stay depending on price and time of year and always are lucky enough to share a room with the inlaws, (THE BEST!) This last time we stayed at The Waves. They are little condos right on the beach. Whenever we travel with the kids we try to have a kitchen and a bedroom and it works out perfect for our whole family. We had a large full kitchen with a fire place and large windows- so perfect. It's like being in a Nicholas Sparks book. The kids just walk out the sliding glass door and get to walk right down onto the beach and play in the sand and walk through trails in the tall grass. NO driving needed! Plus everything is really close in town and we are always able to walk right into town for a meal or shopping.
 3 generations of Podolak boys. Love them with all my heart! 
 HayStack rock is so incredible. During low tide you can go see all the starfish, clams and sea urchins on the rocks. Plus The Goonies is a favorite film of ours so we're making it a tradition of watching it with the kids while we're visiting and then going to show them where it was filmed. (We even went to the Goonie house in Astoria but unfortunately the new owner is not friendly and doesn't allow any tourists or photos so we did a quick drive by)

 Dylan and I are going to try and take a little solo trip without the kids for our next anniversary because we love it so much and it's so relaxing. My in laws do this all the time. :) 

 Felt like a little Goonie myself, taking this shot. 

 Star fish were everywhere! I love seeing God's sea creatures so close up. Something about the ocean is so mysterious and serene.
We ate at a newer Brewery/Resturaunt this trip and loved it. It was so big inside with garage style doors, a large mural with a giant clock showing high and low tide, a kick ass crowd, friendly waiting staff, and snacks for the kids before we even ordered. I mean that had me at hello. I'm not much of a beer gal but I tried Dylan's IPA and actually liked it so, you can say we will be going back. We snacked the whole trip so when it came time for meals we kind of just ordered a bunch and shared it which is always my favorite. We had the yummiest clams in warm butter, clam chowder, chicken lettuce wraps, and fish tacos. YUM. We had so much fun that night and ended up having some cosmos and going back to the room to put the kids to bed and play Yahtzee till close to midnight!

Family traditions means so much to us, even the littlest ones like the movies we watch or the toys Dylan has passed down to our kids. In this time of life we don't have much except our family and it means the entire world to us. Cannon Beach --- we love you, until next time