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Mom Hacks

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

1. Car garbage can + Junk basket
Recently I shared on my Instagram story 2 things that helped keep my car clean. I went to the dollar store and got a small garbage can and small laundry basket and let me tell you, game changer. Any little wrapper, lid, empty water bottle, sucker wrapper goes straight into that baby and whenever we get home or it gets full I just dump it and put it back in the car. The Laundry basket goes in the back between the second row captain seats and anything left in the car goes straight into it. Dash has to be strapped in his carseat to get shoes on so often times I am pulling a a pair out of the basket and throwing a random toy IN IT that has made it to the car. Whenever it gets full I take it inside and empty it and we're GOOD!

2. Basket of clean socks + Shoes by the door
The dreaded morning routine of putting on socks and shoes... I feel like every single morning I was hearing "Mom I can't find socks" (crying) or  Dash running around crazy while I am trying to grab a pair to throw in the diaper bag. I got this hack from a fellow mom blogger and it is seriously so helpful. Before we walk out the door Krew sits down and grabs a pair of socks and a pair of shoes from the two bins and when we get home shoes go right back in at the door.

3. Magic Eraser
This is more of a life hack but mom life is LIFE. I literally use this little sponge for everything. DO NOT continue to clean your bathtub, baseboards, floor scuffs or anything white without THIS. I also regularly use it on the kids shoes. When they get filthy and I'm almost ready to get them away I throw the shoes in with a regular wash of clothes (laces tied tight together) then I use the magic eraser for the white rubber around the bottom of the shoes and they literally look brand new. I use this on my own shoes too!

4. Small containers for fridge
Organization is the key to so much in life for me. When I open the fridge I am way more likely to use the food and feel inspired to make something if it is all organized and put away nearly or prepped. I grocery shop with the kids which is hectic but then when we get home for nap time I take my time cleaning out the fridge and putting things back in. I got these little plastic containers at the dollar store and organized them with snacks for the kids so when they open the fridge they see columns of apple sauce - cheese sticks - yogurt - you name it. I look forward to it helping with making lunches for school as well! (You can buy these HERE but any containers will do)

5. Sleeping on the comforter
This may not be winter time practical depending on the temp of your house but I have Krew sleep on top of his comforter so his bed is always made (bunk bed probs) which works for us because he as always preferred sleeping with his soft special blankets he has gotten for Christmas and for gifts.
When he wakes he fixes his pillows and I fold the blanket and we're ready to start the day.
(Also heard amazing thing about BEDDYS for kids!)