the podie people: 1 year married

1 year married

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reading that back seems incredibly unimpressive when I think of how impactful the 6 years of hard love were leading up to Aug. 20th of last year! All those who know us personally, know of the hardships we faced in the beginning of years of our relationship. We became parents before we even knew what we were doing the next weekend, let alone where we would be 6 years later! Looking back on our wedding day, I can honestly say out side of the births of our children it was the best day of our lives. It wasn't a huge explosive bomb of money blowing and extravagance. It was celebration. It was love. It was months of planning and letting it all go the day of just to BE. To enjoy the day with our closest friends and family. To hold our babies in prayer as we blessed our family and thanked God for getting us to this point. It was laughing and SWEATING and dancing and photo taking and memory making. I was so happy with every aspect of our wedding, even the parts that weren't perfect or changed last minute. The day I woke up I knew it all didn't matter. We have had times of sincere heart ache, fighting for our selves, our first son, and eventually our love so for everything to be celebrated and recognized meant the world to us and our families.

In our first year of marriage I have learned a few things, BUT I think I learn something everyday. Everyday of loving someone and choosing them is a lesson of love. I think that you never fully know what to expect when you give someone your heart and its extremely vulnerable. Especially so young, you are ever changing, growing, maturing, and evolving.. and to love someone through all of that takes a lot of work, patience, and self reflection. Love is different for every couple out there but I think that any two people can learn to love someone if they CHOSE: patience, selflessness, trust, and forgiveness. Something I have to work on so much more for the rest of ever because ya know, I'm a woman, I'm stubborn and I'm crazy. 

Anyways, here's to one year of marriage and forever. I chose you today and everyday babe! 
Even though I am also committing to a life of sports radio, TV and apps. I love you.