the podie people: August 2017

Mom Hacks

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

1. Car garbage can + Junk basket
Recently I shared on my Instagram story 2 things that helped keep my car clean. I went to the dollar store and got a small garbage can and small laundry basket and let me tell you, game changer. Any little wrapper, lid, empty water bottle, sucker wrapper goes straight into that baby and whenever we get home or it gets full I just dump it and put it back in the car. The Laundry basket goes in the back between the second row captain seats and anything left in the car goes straight into it. Dash has to be strapped in his carseat to get shoes on so often times I am pulling a a pair out of the basket and throwing a random toy IN IT that has made it to the car. Whenever it gets full I take it inside and empty it and we're GOOD!

2. Basket of clean socks + Shoes by the door
The dreaded morning routine of putting on socks and shoes... I feel like every single morning I was hearing "Mom I can't find socks" (crying) or  Dash running around crazy while I am trying to grab a pair to throw in the diaper bag. I got this hack from a fellow mom blogger and it is seriously so helpful. Before we walk out the door Krew sits down and grabs a pair of socks and a pair of shoes from the two bins and when we get home shoes go right back in at the door.

3. Magic Eraser
This is more of a life hack but mom life is LIFE. I literally use this little sponge for everything. DO NOT continue to clean your bathtub, baseboards, floor scuffs or anything white without THIS. I also regularly use it on the kids shoes. When they get filthy and I'm almost ready to get them away I throw the shoes in with a regular wash of clothes (laces tied tight together) then I use the magic eraser for the white rubber around the bottom of the shoes and they literally look brand new. I use this on my own shoes too!

4. Small containers for fridge
Organization is the key to so much in life for me. When I open the fridge I am way more likely to use the food and feel inspired to make something if it is all organized and put away nearly or prepped. I grocery shop with the kids which is hectic but then when we get home for nap time I take my time cleaning out the fridge and putting things back in. I got these little plastic containers at the dollar store and organized them with snacks for the kids so when they open the fridge they see columns of apple sauce - cheese sticks - yogurt - you name it. I look forward to it helping with making lunches for school as well! (You can buy these HERE but any containers will do)

5. Sleeping on the comforter
This may not be winter time practical depending on the temp of your house but I have Krew sleep on top of his comforter so his bed is always made (bunk bed probs) which works for us because he as always preferred sleeping with his soft special blankets he has gotten for Christmas and for gifts.
When he wakes he fixes his pillows and I fold the blanket and we're ready to start the day.
(Also heard amazing thing about BEDDYS for kids!)



Monday, August 21, 2017

Listening to: "FEELS" by Calvin Harris + Rihanna - "FRIENDS" by Justin Bieber, "FETISH" by Selena Gomez- "UNFORGETTABLE" by French Montana (E) and anything by Ariana Grande.

Reading: "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony Doerr
Although I'd love to say I have time to crawl up with a good book, lets face it I'm lucky if I don't fall asleep listening to one. BUT I am trying! I'm kind of on a podcast kick right now....

Podcasting: "S TOWN" by this American Life and Serial. Road trip MUST. Although this isn't kid friendly. There's offensive language.

Drinking: Grapefruit LaCroix. always.

Watching: Grace + Frankie and The Last Kingdom. We don't have cable so we just watch Netflix together after the kids go to bed. Whenever Dylan crashes early or is gone I watch my chick show without him but recently we just got turned onto The Last Kingdom which is awesome. It's like the low budget simplified version of Game of Thrones. Don't get me wrong I was a GOT fan but I got confused easily, then we canceled our cable and the interest faded. SO if you're in our boat watch this!

Eating: Everything with BLACKBERRIES! The kids and I went and picked some and I'm making my first crumble/cobbler today. Eeek! Nature is awesome.

Feeling: Frantic over Krew starting Kindergarten in 2 short weeks. I am going to miss him so much I joke with Dylan that I need another baby to fill his void during the days where I'm stuck with crazy Dash man! JOKES. But really we love our big guy so much I am going to have to get creative with Dash to keep him busy. I call for extra play dates and coffee outings. Maybe even some exercise with the stroller since Krew refuses to go with us. Ha! That mom life.

Working on: NEW ETSY PRODUCTS! It's a slow work in progress. (Hello 3am every night) But I have lots of cute ideas in the works I am trying my best to get out ASAP. If you haven't checked out the SHOP recently go visit! I am incorporating PDF downloadable print friendly files and customized posters that I am really excited about!

1 year married

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reading that back seems incredibly unimpressive when I think of how impactful the 6 years of hard love were leading up to Aug. 20th of last year! All those who know us personally, know of the hardships we faced in the beginning of years of our relationship. We became parents before we even knew what we were doing the next weekend, let alone where we would be 6 years later! Looking back on our wedding day, I can honestly say out side of the births of our children it was the best day of our lives. It wasn't a huge explosive bomb of money blowing and extravagance. It was celebration. It was love. It was months of planning and letting it all go the day of just to BE. To enjoy the day with our closest friends and family. To hold our babies in prayer as we blessed our family and thanked God for getting us to this point. It was laughing and SWEATING and dancing and photo taking and memory making. I was so happy with every aspect of our wedding, even the parts that weren't perfect or changed last minute. The day I woke up I knew it all didn't matter. We have had times of sincere heart ache, fighting for our selves, our first son, and eventually our love so for everything to be celebrated and recognized meant the world to us and our families.

In our first year of marriage I have learned a few things, BUT I think I learn something everyday. Everyday of loving someone and choosing them is a lesson of love. I think that you never fully know what to expect when you give someone your heart and its extremely vulnerable. Especially so young, you are ever changing, growing, maturing, and evolving.. and to love someone through all of that takes a lot of work, patience, and self reflection. Love is different for every couple out there but I think that any two people can learn to love someone if they CHOSE: patience, selflessness, trust, and forgiveness. Something I have to work on so much more for the rest of ever because ya know, I'm a woman, I'm stubborn and I'm crazy. 

Anyways, here's to one year of marriage and forever. I chose you today and everyday babe! 
Even though I am also committing to a life of sports radio, TV and apps. I love you. 

Home is where the heart is

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We just got back from Utah (where I did most my growing up) and I wanted to share some of our family photos and thing we did while we were there! Some people might laugh and say, okay girl what is this obsession with Utah?! But I have a hard time explaining it. I moved away from Utah when I was in the middle of 8th grade, and truly I left a piece of me there. It was one of the hardest things I had ever been through. Not because I couldn't make friends again or that my life was just so important living there, it was just those years were some of the most influential of my life. Those friendships have lasted over 10 years, and at the time were the most significant relationships and memories I had ever had.
The memories are clear as day, and the heart ache of leaving is still a hard memory.

It was a hard time for my family, my mom and step dad were going through a rough patch and unfortunately us kids felt the repercussions of that. We're a really open family so there's no need to sugar coat our reason for leaving. It was significant, and heart breaking. And truly-I am grateful. If we hadn't moved I wouldn't have met my husband and had our son Krew who 100% changed my life forever and has impacted the lives of everyone around him. The single MOST important thing to ever happen to my husband and I was conceiving our son! So, in saying all this I think its important to state that yes, our marriages, our children, our families are without a doubt the best and most important memories and events of our lives andI believe that your heart can love a piece of you before that time and can hold a special place for it that you like to share with your family. For me, that's Utah.

Of course over the years I've felt it's a one way love. Does Utah love me as much as I love Utah?! Well no, haha. Everyone has grown up and moved on from the Jr. High days so sometimes coming home can feel like life has forgotten you and your memories. Which is silly right?! I mean who cares about all that? Well, I did. And for me, it ended too quickly. But it's so nice to be able to visit with an adult mindset to be able to put that into perspective and tuck it in my back pocket of good share with my kids my younger days and who I was before them, or try too.  One day they might care but for now I'll just bombard Dylan with memory lane and why we should move there , HAH!

I love everything about it, and who knows maybe one day our family will live there! Dylan has loved visiting, seeing my old hang outs, spending time with my best friend and her husband, and truly just adventuring all the fun things to do there. There's a common misconception that's just a bunch of polygamist mormons which always makes me laugh because it's completely untrue but yes of course there is a large mormon culture and presence there.
It truly is a great place to raise families. Everything is family-friendly and supportive. There are young couples growing their families, parks on every corner, constant activities and kid related events, schools and churches everywhere you look, a killer blogger and entrepreneur scene thats just calling my name and so much more. While we were there we got to do a few fun thing with the kids and just enjoy our time visiting with our closest friends, stuffing our faces with all the mormon alcohol (SODA) we could ingest and staying up too late playing games and planning the next day.

 Spending time with my best friend of 10 years. The whole reason I go to Utah to visit!

ICESCREEEAMMM in Park City because duh.

#1 traveling tip forever. Travel with your parents. Or the kids' grandparents. BUILT IN BABYSITTER!

 Dinosaur Museum in Ogden near where we stayed! The boys loved it and Dash literally thought he was going to be eaten by the speakers in the bushes outside. It was hysterical!

  Sips N Sweet Treats was hands down the best cookies and soda I have ever had in my life. For sure one of the highlights of the trip. If you're in Utah, you better be hittin up this little spot!! So worth it.

 We didn't waste time inside. The pool was a popular hit up. I grew up going to this pool and it is just as magical as it was when I was 13. It has a splash pad, wading pool with a play ground, slides, and an olympic sized diving pool on the other end. Amazing.

 Date night out with our best friends. Slackwater pizza in Ogden is the bomb!
 Dash and I going down the Alpine Slides in Park City. Let's just say I will not be spending the money again for him to do an activity I am not sure he will enjoy. Screamed the whole way down.  Yes, I recorded it.
Spending time with cousins! Molly is my niece and the same age as Krew! Both are going to Kindergarten coming up so we will both just have a 2 year old at home!

Utah, I love you, until next time!