the podie people: Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch

Friday, May 12, 2017

Nothing quite revives me like a ladies night out. Sometimes it's not always easy being a mom to get away or do something like a weekend get away so a few girlfriends and I planned a little brunch at our friend's new house! We brought our littles and a few of us had bigger kids in school...and we just got to eat waffles, hang out, dress up a little, and talk all things motherhood.
It's always funny to me that no matter who you are you can bond with another woman over being a mother. It's something I love most about motherhood; you truly embody the title. It's who you are and there isn't an ounce of shame in saying "guess what my kid did today?!" cause you're just that proud. Having a group of women that get that is so comforting.

What I love about this group of women is that we also created a little FB group that we have been posting our daily workouts and what we're eating. It keeps us all connected, motivated, encouraged, and gives us a place to find new ideas. We also like to post park meet ups where we can meet for an hour to hang out at the park or do a little workout.
Here's a few pics of our brunch that ended in everyone running out the door to their next mom duty!

Having other mom friends is SO IMPORTANT as a mother. So many times I go to my mom for things, but it's also so awesome to be able to call up a friend when you need to get out the house that will feed you lunch, grab you a coffee and head over to sit in a lawn chair and just hang out with you.  Especially as part time working// stay at home moms you can feel like your day to day becomes exhausting and pointless. I love being able to call up one of these girls for a playdate, lunch date, or just FaceTime for half an hour while our kids run around crazy in the background and we just vent to each other. I will admit, growing up I NEVER had many girlfriends. I was always new, very closed off and protective of myself. It was so hard for me to find friends in high school and many of them were never genuine friendships at all. Being an adult, wife, and mother has given my life so much purpose and meaning and I think that is something that we all bond over. We don't have time for half ass anything and finding a group of women that genuinely cares about including others, checking on you, and helping with your kids means everything.

As they saying goes, " it takes a village" and I am so glad for mine!