the podie people: Spring Bucketlist

Spring Bucketlist

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our weather here has had me not wanting to do ANNYYTHING. But, I know that lack of motivation is my own fault so I pulled together a little #podolakfambucketlist to help us get our butts moving this spring whether or not this weather is going to work with us. As a kid I remember playing in the rain, running around, exploring + adventuring. I'm not sure of how much of that was my imagination but it sounds good in theory and quite frankly I think my kids are spoiled with snacks and cartoons during the dreary months so we're getting outside.

1. Visit parks outside of your city
We have loved discovering new places to play, the drive home is great for nap time and a chance for me to decompress (and grab another coffee)
2. Side walk chalk
With boys this is a short activity as the younger one always attempts to eat the chalk but Krew and I have had fun drawing each other pictures in the past
3. Spring Cleaning
Okay so kids might not appreciate this but it will teach them to go through their clothes and decide what they like, what they wear, and what they need. Then the will see the value in going to Target for some cat+jack shorts, am I right? ;)
4. Visit the water front
We are fortunate to have the Tacoma//Seattle water fronts but I never seem to make it that far. It's for sure an all day experience and maybe one for the whole fam. I feel like I always have to pack lunches, snacks, water, stroller, extra everrryyything. But it is beautiful and an amazing change of scenery
5. Mini road trip
 Dylan and I will be going to Astoria, OR for a wedding, SANS KIDS. Gonna go ahead and count that.
6. Visit a farm
Our kids L O V E animals, and since we aren't able to own any of our own yet it's the best day ever when we get to go visit some animals. I'm wanting to visit Fox Hollow in Issaquah.
7. Family Photos
If you can catch a sunny dry day before July....
8. Plant a Garden
Well, you might be a little in the season? I don't know, but you can plant some herbs + flowers anytime, which is perfect for our little space. Thinking about getting a small planter for our porch!
9. Take a Hike
Need I say more?
10. Explore the wood
Pick up sticks, look at bugs, throw rocks in the river.
Why do we not do this more for crying out loud?
11. Baseball Games 
We will be at T Ball twice a week and plan to hit our first Mariner's Game of the season in the next couple weeks. Ayyyyyy BattaBatta.
12. Tulip Festival Anyone?
Not sure if we will make it to this one but it has been on my list for a while!
13. Indoor Swimming
We hit up our local pool for discount swim days ($2) or you can find your local YMCA
14. Mother's Day Brunch
I am reeeeaaally. looking forward to this one.
15. Visit the Aquarium//Zoo
This is usually a planned field trip for his but for those who home school or have younger kids this is always a fun trip with some friends! They say they animals are more active in cloudy weather.