the podie people: Mediterranian Quinoa Salad

Mediterranian Quinoa Salad

Saturday, April 29, 2017

With Mother's Day right around the corner, it got me thinking about my mom and some of the things I appreciate about her. One of those things is her love for a good salad. She is the go-to at family gatherings and church functions for her green salads + pasta salads.... This cold quinoa salad does not disappoint either. Thanks Mom!

I am in a small group of mom's that has been encouraging and supporting each other through a weight loss health challenge. We post what we eat and a suuuuuper sexy sweaty faced post workout photo and give each other ideas of how to stay motivated and switch up our foods. We've recently eliminated added sugars from our diet (aside from fruit) and I made this for a quick go to snack from my fridge. You can add tomatoes and olives for a REAL Mediterranean taste but I opt out. Never been the biggest fan of either. Oops.  

TIP: Buy jarred and pre sliced mango from Costco. You get so much more mango and it is much much easier to dice up. 

Try this super easy + yummy recipe, perfect for summer afternoons and a quick cold lunch anytime! 

Step 1: Cook 1 Cup Quinoa
Bring to boil, turn to low, cover, cook 5 min longer.

Step 2: Let Quinoa Cool in fridge

Step 3: Add drained can of black beans, chopped mango slices, diced avocado ( I use 2 small) and very finely chopped red onion

Step 4: Drizzle with olive oil, continue mixing ingredients 

Step 5: Add ground salt + pepper to taste // squeeze 2 fresh limes into mixture

Step 6: Top with crumbled feta cheese + fresh cilantro
 OPTIONAL: My mom adds red cherry tomatoes cut in half