the podie people: Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

Thursday, April 6, 2017

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1. Okay Okay, a sling shot is iffy but these little wool balls make it harmless and I can just see my kids lighting up like a Christmas Tree with the opportunity to shoot stuff. Hey, it's better than a gun?

2. We LOVE puzzles and have been so lucky to get lots of second hand books, crafts + puzzles from family. Anything personalized makes something so special and something they won't want to give away one day. These can stay in the family and help littles learn how to spell their name!

3. I think hats complete ANY outfit and it's no exception with my boys---when Krew's hairstyle grows out he knows not to walk out the door without a ball cap on. "Socks, shoes, hat?!" everyday. They really are such a key piece in a boy's wardrobe and I've passed all of Krew's down too dash. It definently helps that they help protect my kid's skin in the summer too, they are extremely fair skinned!

4. Adding fun pillows can make any bed the best bed ever. My kid's have black and white bedding on their bunk bed and have lots of colored pillows, toys, books + hanging posters. This can even double as a toy for a toddler. #multifunctionforthewin

5. A non traditional basket makes a perfect storage unit for toys, books, or socks. If you decide you don't like them the next year they can continue as storage or you can pull them out for their basket! In our house the easter bunny brings eggs + candy, mom and dad get the basket and toys to help him out. ;)

6. We have been regularly visiting the library on rainy days and picked up this book for bed time reading. MOM LIFE SAVER. The kids know they get 1 or 2 stories and then it's bed time and these stories are the perfect length. They end right when you get to that "when is bed time going to be over" feeling and get your first yawn, of "omg I am so tired." We also picked up a Disney one for Dash! 

Happy Eastering to you Bunnies!