the podie people: Easter 2017

Easter 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Easter this year became a mini Christmas? I mean, I'm all for the cute baskets, toys and decor, truuuuust me but I almost felt like I couldn't keep up with the expectations of it all? Anyway, our weekend was nothing short of busy and fulfilling. We have both our families really close so I'd argue it's a blessing and a curse. We are so spoiled and feel very lucky---but we also have to drive back and fourth and try to fit it all in. We managed and boy it was worth it!

 My grandparents have an amazing piece of property that the kids love to run around and spend hours playing. We had our Easter egg hunt there with all the kids' cousins. There was also an adult hunt that turned out to be pretty funny. They thought it would be a great idea to do camouflage eggs and have the teenagers hide them, but then it was dark and everyone was mad they couldn't find any eggs, haha! It was a race boys vs girls and luckily, we all cashed out in the end but it was more comical than fun.

We spent Saturday visiting my Dad's side of the family and man was the food good. They hand squeezed limes the night before to make the best margaritas I have ever had! I can never get enough Mexican food so we left with full bellies and happy hearts for sure. 
I always love seeing how people spend their holidays. There is no one right way to celebrate something and I love now that Dylan and I have our own family we get to make it up as we go and set our own traditions. If you have something special that you always do will you comment on my Instagram or send me a message? Thanks! 

Hope you all had an nice Easter weekend and are recovering from that chocolate coma this week.