the podie people: Happy Birthday Dylan

Happy Birthday Dylan

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A few things we love about our guy:

1. He is young at heart. The kids totally get their imagination from him and love to play with him every second of the day that he is home. He can come up with a bed time story on que and will always play the bad guy so Krew can be the hero.
2. He typically only will drink iced drinks. He's been getting up for work at 4 in the morning for years now and just this past year has he caved on using my kureig in the morning. Waking up with the kids a couple hours later and finding no creamer is my favorite---😒
3. Dylan is the most athletic guy I know. He can literally play any sport and has the confidence of a pro! I used to love watching him play and now its not often I see him get to show off his competitive side //but I thank god daily for his skills and genetics to pass down to the boys haha. He's a breeder, folks.
4. He is so helpful around the house and can actually be kind of uptight about it. We always have to hurry and do a clean up before dad gets home because he will get stressed and start picking up our mess! I'm a relatively clean person so it always makes me laugh when he will give me a hard time about folding laundry and things. If I get too lazy, he will do it! He's the best.
5. He loves history + reading. If we could, we would go explore a library and watch documentaries and conspiracy theories all night. He is such a goofball most the time but I love how much he appreciates history and knowledge. He is always teaching me little things. One of my favorite qualities about him his ability to listen and engage with older people. He loves to pick their brains and hear their stories and it's always so cute to watch.