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My 5 Favorite Summer Sandal Trends

Sunday, June 16, 2019

I'm obsessed with shoes this summer! I have always felt like you can go basic with an outfit and totally dress it up with a pair of earrings and cute pair of shoes. I am loving these 5 types of sandals this summer. It's basically all you need until fall when the weather cools down again. I love a good platform because it's dressed up but not a heel and so easy to walk in. I have been wearing them while running errands with the kids and just day to day and I don't feel over dressed or like Ill trip. Of course everyone needs a good summer heel for church, weddings and nights out so I showed a few of my favorite options. The cross brand trend is my favorite it's just so comfortable no matter what heel type you want and makes everything look a little more dressed up. Flats are my go to and I have to have a couple pairs to throw on the daily. The strappy sandals are awesome because they're always in style and go with so many different types of skirts and dresses. I love a good snake skin strappy sandal! I shared everything here under $100 and most styles are well under or even under $40.

CROSS BAND under $100
SLIDE ON FLATS under $75

Year of Beckham (11 Months)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our little guy turned 11 months a couple days before we left for Hawaii! I have to say it has been so fun to get to know this little soul the last year but he has been quite the awful traveler and sleeper haha. He has been on 3 road trips and 6 plane flight and all have been quite the challenge. BUT we managed and once he is out and about and getting to move around and explore he is a happy guy again! His personality makes him so cute and equally needing and demanding. He's the baby and he knows it! We laugh that whenever I am gone is happy but as soon as he sees me it's all tears and crying for mama. He totally has stranger danger and doesn't let anyone take him besides grandparents and dad. He loves his brothers and is always trying to keep up with them but is always getting knocked down and roughed up haha. Honestly I thought he would be tougher but he's a little whiner. He is seriously so flexible and always rolling around chewing on his feet it's the funniest thing! I see so much of both Krew and Dash in him! At 11 months old Beck is...

-pulling himself up on everything and maybe going to take his first steps soon
- sucks on his toes and is always patting himself on the head with his feet
- very picky eater
- still only has 2 teeth!
- wearing 12-18 month clothes
- finally thickening up and getting chunkier
- still nursing and now refuses all bottles
- favorite song is "honky tonk ba donkadonk"
- favorite toys are small dinos and legos he gets a hold of
- got his first real haircut and style from mama
- loves to clap his hands
- says "dada" "dash" sometimes "mama" and trying to say "papa" now
- loves all the attention in the world and sticking out his tongue at us
- found his voice and squeals, screams, or shrieks for his reaction to absolutely EVERYTHING!

Literally he will be a year old in a few weeks and a few days later we will be moving to Utah. I always think the next year life will simmer down but it just keeps changing and keeping us on our toes! It's been a challenging year of growing and learning to be a mom to 3 different personalities but also such a joy and privilege to get to raise them and know them. Happy 11 months old to our littlest guy Beck!


Thursday, May 23, 2019

And I have no idea why that feels so scary every time I write it or say it out loud! I mean people do this right? People move and everything works out, right? I know what you're thinking, WHAT? and WHY? Well let me fill you in..

Dylan and I had felt like we needed a change for a while. We knew things needed to get better and we had to make some adjustments to get where we wanted to be. In January we moved in with his parents and the plan was to pay off any debt and save for a house. We successfully did all that and had been looking for a house to buy the last couple months, with NO luck. We quite frankly couldn't afford anything and the houses we could, needed a ton of work or already had an offer by the time we got to it. Nothing felt right and Dylan was reaching a point with work where we both knew it was time to move on and open the next chapter. It felt too scary looking for a new job and a new house so we sat quiet for a while but just consistently felt this pull to try something new. Dylan was up late every night doing homework online, we were stressed and living the same life everyday knowing it would need to change. He would need a new job, we would need to buy the perfect starter house here, or we would need to move. We knew we only wanted to be in this certain part of Washington and felt strongly about that so the option of moving further away from Dylan's already long commute didn't feel right either.

We agreed we wanted a change and I told Dylan to start applying for jobs. We prayed together and separately, for God to direct our family and put us on the path that would lead us to opportunity, growth and what we ultimately want in life. I didn't know what that looked like but I kept telling God I wouldn't question it if he would just show us a way. Dylan applied all over including Utah where his school is based and where I grew up. We visit every year and love it there but never felt we would want to live there because all our family and comfort is here. I was a little hesitant but I felt like we needed to try all our options. Well onne day we had a meeting to look at a house, our car needed a TON of money out of pocket in repairs and Dylan was in the middle of finals for school and on the very next day a job in Utah he applied for called him for an interview and we found out our car repair would be covered by warranty ( no excuses to not afford a plane ticket!). We were both kind of shocked and overwhelmed but Dylan told me he felt right about it and it was time. I had total faith in him and we got him set up to leave and interview the next day. In short, he was offered the job and decided to resign from his current job immediately. It honestly happened so fast I barely had a chance to think it through but all we knew was that we felt good about it and he had an amazing experience. We decided it didn't matter if it worked out or what happened that we were going to go through with this and give it a go.

Fast forward 2 weeks and there has been many hard and tearful conversations. We are so excited but know that there is a lot to figure out and get organized and set up for our children. We still don't have a place to live and are going on a vacation next week we have had planned for a year. When we get back Dylan will be headed there to start his new job. I can't express how grateful we have been to be living with my in laws. They have provided a safe and comfortable place for us to get set for this next step in life. Even though this was not part of the plan I feel like it was part of God's and I am so grateful for this time we have spent here. The kids have got to spend so much time with grandparents and we have been put in a position where we are able to get on our feet and we love them so much for their support and generosity through these past 5 months. It made it possible for us to see other opportunities and to get in a financial position where we could breathe again.

It's often so easy to say "just do it! go for it, it will be awesome!" when its someone else's decision. But then it comes to your own life and we often hold ourselves back out of fear and doubt. My word for this year that I have publically shared was "FAITH." and it could not be more relevant than it is now in my life. I knew this year I would have to give up all my limiting beliefs and crutches and truly rely on God and Dylan to start receiving blessings I KNOW are waiting for my family. We are beyond nervous but so excited for this next journey in life. We will miss our family and friends so much and it will be really hard to leave them all. But I know that nothing is permanent and forever and I have total expectations of things changing again, but for now this is our new normal and we are headed into the unknown with nothing but faith and family support. This has all happened so quickly but I felt the need to share publically so that more opportunities and blessings could potentially arise from sharing with my Utah friends as we try to find the perfect home.

I will share more as we go but for now wanted to just update all our friends and family!
SURPRISE! UTAH HERE WE COME. Don't fail us lol.